Min Heejin meets Naver and Dunamu, asking “Let’s take over ADOR”

[Exclusive] Min Heejin meets Naver and Dunamu, asking “Let’s take over ADOR”

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According to the investment banking (IB) industry and legal community on May 16, CEO Min met with Dunamu Chairman Song Chi Hyung and Naver officials and proposed them to acquire ADOR. CEO Min is known to have made comments to Chairman Song, such as “putting pressure on HYBE to leave ADOR.” Dunamu holds 5.6% of HYBE’s shares and is the third largest shareholder with the right to elect the board of directors.

1. I feel so sorry for the kids

2. There are a lot of kids here who blindly believe in HYBE

3. Naver and Dunamu are closer to HYBE than anyone else, so what can I say?

4. If that’s true, then Min Heejin’s press conference was just a lie

5. But what’s wrong with a CEO meeting with an investor to ask him to invest in her company?

6. They really think that the public is stupid

7. Where have the Singapore and Saudi Arabia sovereign wealth funds gone?

8. I’m so tired of HYBE’s media play

9. ?? Both Naver and Dunamu are companies that are joint ventures with HYBE

10. Isn’t Dunamu a partner of HYBE?

11. HYBE is so bad, please stop and promote NewJeans

12. I feel sorry for NewJeans

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