Min Heejin: “New Jeans was Supposed to be HYBE’s First Girl Group … I Didn’t Know They Recruited Kim Chaewon and Sakura”


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Min Heejin, the CEO of ADOR, revealed the irrational actions of Hybe during the debut process of New Jeans.

During an urgent press conference held at the Korea Conference Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 25th, Min Heejin stated, “I didn’t know that HYBE was recruiting Sakura and Kim Chaewon” and added, “Originally, New Jeans was supposed to be HYBE’s first girl group.”

Min Heejin said, “When I first created New Jeans, I was the one with the leadership,” and continued, “But when COVID-19 broke out, I frequently clashed with Chairman Bang Si-hyuk’s opinions. At that time, songs like ‘Attention’ and ‘High Boy’ had already existed.”

She further revealed, “Although I had the leadership, Chairman Bang didn’t like that,” and continued, “In fact, HYBE should reflect on its actions. In June 2021, CEO Park Ji-won suddenly notified me that Sakura and Kim Chaewon should debut as the first girl group from HYBE. When I heard that, I cursed. They used my name and labeled it ‘Min Hee-jin’s girl group,’ and simply because it was called ‘HYBE’s first girl group,’ the members joined. I wondered what to say to the members’ mothers.”

She added, “Hyein received many casting offers since her trainee days, but she joined just because of the title ‘HYBE’s first girl group.’ When I questioned this, they told me not to mind it. I didn’t even know that Sakura and Kim Chaewon were recruited. How absurd is this? I was so angry that I was going to quit the company and hold a press conference, but they persuaded me not to.”

Earlier that day, HYBE announced the interim audit results related to allegations that ADOR management attempted a takeover. According to the audit results, HYBE confirmed concrete evidence that a plan to take over management led by ADOR CEO was established, and evidence was also secured.

Min Heejin asserted that the essence of this incident is the ‘plagiarism of New Jeans by ILLIT.’ When HYBE raised issues with them for copying New Jeans’ musical characteristics, visual concepts, etc., in the rookie girl group ILLIT introduced by HYBE’s another subsidiary label, BELIFT Lab, HYBE tried to dismiss her.


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