Min Heejin, “Sending BTS to the Military Through Witchcraft? I Only Asked About It To a Shaman, HYBE Made Me Go To Therapy”


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At the press conference today, Min Heejin responded to claims of HYBE that she tried to send BTS members to the military through witchcraft. It was reported that Min Heejin had consulted with a female shaman about major management matters such as hiring employees and more. HYBE also revealed conversation records shared between Min Heejin and the shaman since 2021, among which Min Heejin mentioned BTS. 

According to HYBE, Min Heejin asked the shaman, “So are BTS’ members going to the military or not?”, and the shaman replied, “They’re going.” Then Min Heejin said, “I think it would be better for me if BTS goes to the military. Send them offㅋㅋㅋ What do you think? I think it would be advantageous for me if they’re not here.” The shaman said, “I’ll send them. It’s not like they won a gold medal or anything.”

Min Heejin responded, “Honestly, I asked whether if they were going to the military or not because as the mother of New Jeans, I only thought about my child, and HYBE is bothering me.” She continued, “BTS is their ace, aren’t they? I asked if it would be advantageous for us (New Jeans) to be actively promoting when the ace is not around.” She also said, “Fortune telling?? This is privacy. I’m gonna be taking legal action.” She also addressed suspicions of witchcraft, “She’s indeed a shaman, but she’s originally an acquaintance of mine. I asked her because I had to go to therapy because I couldn’t get peace of mind due to HYBE.”


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