Min Heejin, ‘Stop Distorting the Truth… I Didn’t Request for Rights to Terminate Contracts, but for Independent Operation’

by Reporter Han Sooncheon

Regarding the content stating that Min Heejin, the CEO of ADOR, demanded the exclusive termination rights for New Jeans, it was explained as “a request for independent label operation.”

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On the 2nd, Min Heejin’s representatives clarified, stating, “On January 25th, CEO Min demanded that important contracts, including the selection of external contractors and exclusive agreements, be made under the authority of the CEO in a face-to-face meeting with HYBE CEO Park Jiwon.” They further elaborated, “This was to resolve unreasonable interference encountered during New Jeans’ debut process and was a request for independent label operation.”

According to Min Heejin’s side, the revised shareholder agreement was sent to HYBE on February 16th. They argued that the KakaoTalk messages claiming a takeover attempt were from April 4th, which they asserted was both untimely and irrelevant. Min Heejin’s side accused HYBE of distorting the truth and manipulating public opinion, stating that if HYBE continues to disclose negotiation details, they propose resuming negotiations.


-Min Heejin, fighting ㅠㅠ

-I believe in you

-Seriously, HYBE’s PR is really dirty

-Why is HYBE trying so hard to get the public on his side? It’s already over

-Wasn’t the initial statement from HYBE about Min Heejin secretly trying to leave? If it was openly demanded during negotiations, it would be a completely different situation. The more the content is exposed, Min Heejin seems to be a person with nothing to hide, and HYBE seems to have a hidden agenda…

-I’m cheering for you

-HYBE, go bankrupt

-It’s not like it was done secretly; it was demanded during negotiations. I understand that, but wanting to do whatever you want as the label representative holding 18% of the exclusive contract seems too much no matter how you look at it.

-I’ve been watching closely all along… Now it seems like HYBE perspective has been distorted.

-Just fight it out in court, damn it, instead of manipulating public opinion.

-They didn’t demand termination, right? If they had demanded termination, it would be different from independence. Just paying the penalty and leaving seems like the best option.

-Who would believe HYBE’s words now?

-Pay the penalty and go independent.

-The conclusion will come from the court anyway. Since it seems like part of someplans, neither HYBE nor Min Heejin will be seen in a positive light now.

-HYBE’s PR tactics are nauseating. At first, when they brought in Min Heejin, they promised independence and autonomy between labels, but now they’re not keeping that promise at all and rejecting requests for that, so what kind of “takeover of full authority” is this?

-By now, supporting HYBE is a matter of intelligence. Those who sides with HYBE simply lack the literacy skills.