Min Heejin’s comments were fabricated and strangely translated by BTS fans

Min Heejin’s comments were fabricated and strangely translated

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A fabricated tweet stating that Min Heejin said ‘SM doesn’t care about artists, they still buy awards to say they are the Big 3’ has attracted a lot of attention on Twitter

There was even an article saying that these were the reactions of Korean netizens

CEO Min Heejin has exposed hybe with confirmed proofs at her press conference saying that NewJeans brands deals were paid by HYBE to copy and compete with BLACKPINK

1. There are many foreign fans criticizing Min Heejin. They think that Min Heejin did this because she was jealous of BTS and TWS. Looking at the posts people are spreading nowadays, they have no understanding of the situation and are just spreading nonsense

2. As expected, that fandom is always like that

3. They are BTS fans

4. As expected, that fandom is disgusting

5. BTS fans seem to be so obsessed with SM

6. Maybe they’re jealous of SM

7. Don’t they know anything? SM doesn’t buy awards but buys award ceremonies.

8. But why do BTS fans hate Min Heejin? What did Min Heejin say about BTS? Did I miss something? I didn’t watch the press conference

9. Are they foreign BTS fans??

10. Why do BTS fans do this?

11. Why do they hate Min Hee-jin? Are they Bangtan fans or Bang Si Hyuk fans?

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