Mind-Blowing: FIFTY FIFTY’s CEO Receives Over 800 Songs for New Girl Group

On September 15th, a captivating exclusive interview video featuring the CEO of FIFTY FIFTY’s agency Attrakt, Jeon Hong Joon, was made available to viewers on the “All That Star” YouTube channel.

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In this revealing interview, CEO Jeon shed light on his ambitious plan to introduce a new girl group to the K-pop scene, with their debut slated for the upcoming year.

He shared that the selection of the group’s members would be a transparent process, allowing the public to witness each step through an audition program.

Diverse Global Composers Answer the Call for New Girl Group Songs

One of the key pillars of this project was singer-songwriter Kim Se Hwang, who was actively engaged in collaborating with talented U.S. composers to handpick songs for the new girl group.


(Photo : Instagram|@we_fiftyfifty)

The sheer scale of their endeavor was evident as they had received a staggering 800 song submissions, with approximately 200 tracks reviewed up to that point.

CEO Jeon marveled at the global response to their call for songs, noting that composers from around the world had contributed a diverse array of compositions.

ATTRAKT New Girl Group Project

(Photo : Instagram|@attrakt_audition)
ATTRAKT New Girl Group Project

These songs spanned a wide spectrum of genres, from the popular girl crush concept to mellower, more easy-listening tunes. Jeon expressed profound gratitude for the outpouring of support and the enthusiastic contributions from these music creators.

Crafting the Girl Group Journey: CEO Jeon’s Vision for a 12-Episode Program

Beyond the music selection process, CEO Jeon outlined his vision for executing the project in collaboration with broadcasting networks.

Discussions were underway with multiple broadcasting stations to craft a program that would span 12 episodes, taking the audience on a journey from auditions to the final formation of the girl group.

CEO Jeon Hong-jun

(Photo : Youtube|@Jn_Allthat)
CEO Jeon Hong-jun

Furthermore, the project was poised to offer additional content, including documentaries and behind-the-scenes stories, each exploring unique themes.

These exciting ventures were being explored in partnership with prominent OTT platforms such as Netflix, TVing, and Coupang Play

Commitment to Excellence: CEO Jeon’s Pledge for a Stylish and Talented Girl Group

CEO Jeon was genuinely taken aback by the extraordinary turn of events, and he couldn’t help but draw a parallel between the unfolding situation and a miraculous occurrence. 

Furthermore, his dedication to nurturing a girl group that not only possessed undeniable talent but also exuded a distinctive sense of style remained steadfast.

It was a commitment that resonated with his unwavering determination to bring something truly exceptional to the ever-evolving world of K-pop. 


With all these elements falling into place, the stage was now perfectly poised for an exhilarating and transformative journey that promised to redefine the future landscape of Korean pop music