“Miracle In Cell No.7” Child Actress Kal So-won Boasts Mature Visual In High School Graduation Photos

 On June 12th, Kal So-won posted several photos on her Instagram account with the caption, “This is So-won’s high school graduation album…? You grew up so well. I also appeared in Lee Seung-chul’s music video yaho”.

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The pictures show Kal So-won wearing a red dress and preparing to shoot her graduation album. Making her face known to the public through the movie “Miracle in Cell No.7”, the young actress attracted fans’ attention by showcasing her mature appearance.

Gal So-won

Encountering Kal So-won’s photos, netizens commented, “You grew up so prettily”, “Her face remains the same. She only got taller”, “Wow, time flies so fast”, etc.

Playing Ye-seung in “Miracle in Cell No.7”, Kal So-won was born in 2006. A year after her debut in the drama “Take Care of Us, Captain” (2013), she starred in “Miracle in Cell No.7” and gained huge love from the public. “Miracle in Cell No.7” became the 9th movie in Korean film history to surpass 10 million admissions.

Gal So-won

Thanks to this film, Kal So-won rose to stardom and became the youngest actress to get nominated for Best Actress and Best New Actress at the Grand Bell Award.

Later, she has gradually built a solid filmography by appearing in various works, such as “My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol”, “Glamorous Temptation”, “The Doctors”, “The Legend of the Blue Sea”, “A Korean Odyssey”, “Tomorrow”, “Cleaning Up”, “Delivery Man”, etc.

Earlier on June 11th, Kal So-won made headlines as she appeared in Lee Seung-chul’s music video “It’s Rainy Day” together with Kyler, a member of the group HORI7ON. In the MV, the actress added synergy to Lee Seung-chul’s sweet voice with her idol-like visual and fresh acting reminding viewers of their first loves.