Miss Night and Day Episode 8 Recap and Review: Intriguing Secrets Come Out

The new 16-episode series follows a young job-seeker named Lee Mi-jin, played by Jung Eun-ji. She spent 8 years trying to pass the civil service exam and only got part-time jobs. However, an incident causes her to age into a 50-year-old named Im Sun in the day and rejuvenate back into her 20s in the night. 

Lee Hyung-min is a series director known for popular works such as Winter Sonata, I’m Sorry, I Love You, Chocolate, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and others. Good Casting fame Park Ji-han screenwrites for the drama as well. 

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Miss Night and Day Episode 8 Recap

Ji-ung grows suspicious of Ko Won’s intentions after Mi-jin faints, suspecting Ko Won of drugging her to take advantage. In reality, Ko Won had been feeling anxious during the office dinner and inadvertently left two anxiety pills in his water, which Mi-jin (then Lim Sun) mistakenly drank. This misunderstanding sends Mi-jin to the hospital, where Ji-ung learns about the anxiety medication. Ko Won tries to explain their connection, claiming they previously worked together, but Ji-ung remains sceptical.

Miss Night and Day Episode 8 Recap Still 1
A still from the series “Miss Night and Day”

Mi-jin wakes up confused, and after a heated exchange, she chooses to be discharged and confronts Ko Won about his knowledge of her dual identity. Ko Won admits to watching her, unsettling Mi-jin but clarifying that the car following her wasn’t the killer’s but his own. Back home, Mi-jin tells her friend Ga-yeong that she feels pain in her body, hinting that her transformation might be more than just an appearance change. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Mr. Baek owns a gray SUV with the suspicious registration number 6438.

Simultaneously, Byung-duk’s investigation into Mr. Baek reveals an almost spotless record, except for his history following his wife’s death and his connection to the car registration and the ring worn by the suspected killer. We learn that Mr. Baek is linked to previous crimes, adding a sinister layer to his character. In a separate storyline, Sun learns from Na-heun’s daughter about his mysterious disappearance and promises to help. Mal-tae, a senior intern, shares with the team his unresolved missing persons case from years ago, which included Mi-Jin’s aunt and Ji-ung’s mother.

The common thread was the victims’ unusual financial activities before vanishing. Sun’s suspicion of Baek Chul-kyu grows when he tries to downplay Na-heun’s disappearance as a runaway case. In a flashback, a young Ji-ung is seen near the station when Mi-jin’s mom was handing out flyers for her missing sister, highlighting another childhood connection. Mal-tae’s visit to the old detective handling Ji-ung’s mom’s case reveals the guilt he still feels about her disappearance, triggered by his dementia. At the office, a present-day detective delivers documents on the serial missing persons’ case to Ji-ung.

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Miss Night and Day Episode 8 Recap Still 2Miss Night and Day Episode 8 Recap Still 2
A still from the series “Miss Night and Day”

Sun, seeing her aunt’s name, panics about the implications if Ji-ung connects the dots. Meanwhile, Byung-duk discovers past suspicions that Mr. Baek might have killed his wife, whose body was found in a motel—now the same place where Ji-ung resides, adding a ghostly twist to the narrative. To prevent Ji-ung from seeing her aunt’s name on the papers, Mi-jin devises a plan to get him drunk and steal the documents. She forces her way into his apartment, offering to fix his lock and insisting they drink together.

During their drinking session, Ji-ung shares his feelings about how her family treated him with respect and love, which Mi-jin initially misinterprets as a romantic confession. Their evening takes a surprising turn when Mi-jin drops a plate, using the distraction to check the documents, only to find the name has changed to Lim Suk instead of Lim Sun, raising suspicions about document tampering. In a bold move, Mi-jin kisses Ji-ung after he tends to her wound from the broken glass, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode’s developments.

Miss Night and Day Episode 8 Review

Miss Night and Day Episode 8 Recap Still 3Miss Night and Day Episode 8 Recap Still 3
A still from the series “Miss Night and Day”

Episode 8 masterfully interweaves suspense and emotional depth, making it a standout installment in the series. The episode effectively heightens the tension between Ji-ung and Ko Won, leading to a dramatic confrontation and revealing critical plot points about Mi-jin’s mysterious transformations and the sinister actions of Mr. Baek. The complex relationships and misunderstandings between the characters are portrayed with nuance, adding layers to their interactions. The twist involving the mistaken consumption of anxiety medication cleverly propels the story forward, creating a blend of humor and suspense that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The episode also excels in character development, particularly with Mi-jin and Ji-ung. Mi-jin’s struggle with her dual identity and Ji-ung’s deepening concern for her safety add emotional weight to the narrative. The episode’s flashbacks and revelations about past connections and unresolved cases enrich the backstory, making the stakes feel higher. The closing scene, with Mi-jin’s bold kiss, leaves viewers eager for more, perfectly setting the stage for the next episode. Overall, the episode delivers a captivating mix of intrigue, character growth, and plot twists, maintaining the series’ momentum and leaving audiences eagerly anticipating what comes next.

Miss Night and Day is streaming on Netflix.

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