“Miss Night and Day” Teases Complicated Relationships Involving Lee Jung Eun, Jung Eun Ji, and Choi Jin Hyuk

JTBC’s upcoming weekend drama, Miss Night and Day, set to premiere at 10:30 PM on June 15th, delves into the unexpected twists in the lives of its characters.

The series revolves around a job seeker who finds herself aging rapidly overnight, and the intricate tale of a talented prosecutor entangled in her life.

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In the series, Jung Eun Ji (portraying Lee Mi-jin), a woman in her twenties, finds herself aging decades overnight, suddenly appearing in her fifties with each sunrise. Seizing this bizarre opportunity, she applied for a senior internship under the alias Lim Soon (Lee Jung Eun), successfully securing a position she had long desired.

As an intern working alongside Prosecutor Gye Ji-woong (Choi Jin Hyuk), a dedicated workaholic, Mi-jin faces the challenge of adapting to social life under the watchful eye of Prosecutor Gye, who views her as his natural adversary.

“Miss Night and Day” Introduces Jung Eun Ji As Struggling Jobseeker

While the supporting characters Lim Soon and Prosecutor Gye engage in playful banter, the central character Mi-jin, lacking in credentials and competence, finds herself in an intriguing dynamic with Prosecutor Gye, a high-achieving, well-educated prosecutor.

As their paths continue to cross through a series of coincidences, a spark of excitement begins to ignite between them. The unfolding story prompts speculation on whether the relationship between them whose equilibrium has been disrupted, will deepen.

Meanwhile, released photos depict the lead stars in similar situations but with distinct personas, adding further intrigue to their intertwined stories.

With Choi Jin Hyuk unaware of the dual identities of Lee Jung Eun and Jung Eun Ji, anticipation mounts regarding the revelation of her secret life.

The tagline “She is different from day to night” hints at the unique relationship between the protagonist, Lee Mi-jin, who assumes the role of a senior intern by day and transforms into her youthful self by night, and her unwitting prosecutor, Ji-woong, who becomes entangled in her captivating double life.

Audiences eagerly await the engaging performances of the lead characters, as they navigate this fascinating narrative.

Miss Night and Day, launches at 10:30 PM on June 15th on JTBC!