‘Missing Crown Prince’ Episode 14: Suho Becomes Kim Min Gyu’s Rival

A love triangle sparked between Lee Geon (Suho), Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji), and Doseong (Kim Min Gyu) in “Missing Crown Prince” episode 14.

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‘Missing Crown Prince’ Episode 14: Lee Geon Framed by Choi Sang Rok

Lee Geon worried about the slanderous news circulating about him outside the palace. He suggested at the assembly to reduce the number of court ladies and blocked the opposition of Min Su Ryeon and Choi Sang Rok through the construction of the tomb and temporary palace of the deceased Grand Prince Gwangchang. 

Missing Crown Prince
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He also took advantage of the authority of the internal affairs department belonging to Jung Yeon and used a trick to create a rift between Min Su Ryeon, Sang Rok, and I Gyeom. This caused tension as it was revealed that Choi Sang Rok had set a trap for Lee Geon and put up slanderous walls as a ploy to clean up Jung Gung Jeon. 

Choi Sang Rok also brought Kim Dal Saeng, a medical doctor who performed an autopsy on the deceased court lady. She shocked everyone by dragging Lee Geon’s name and falsely accused him of ordering the killing of the late court lady. He was framed again by his enemies and wasn’t able to reveal the secret affair of Sang Rok and Su Ryeon. 

Jung Jeon, Kim Dal Saeng Suffer From Ongoing Fight Between Lee Geon & Choi Sang Rok

Meanwhile, at the funeral held the next day, it was said that the person who killed Lady Kimi was Jung Jeon, and Gap Seok appeared with a new piece of evidence, embarrassing Lee Geon and Prince Doseong. As a result, Jung Jeon was imprisoned and Prince Doseong shed tears.

Missing Crown Prince
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To find a solution, Lee Geon and Gap Seok visited Kim Dal Saeng, who was at the hospital. He vomited blood and died while running away, he realized that Sang Rok was behind it and became angry. 

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Prince Doseong, on the other hand, visited Jung Jeon and was encouraged again to fill in the position of crown prince to have power inside the palace. Accordingly, Yoon I Gyeom, Choi Sang Rok, and Han Seong plotted a plan to make Lee Geon and Doseong rivals and ruin their relationship. 

Then due to the unexpected turn of events, Doseong’s misunderstanding of Lee Geon increased.

Lee Geon & Prince Doseong Becomes Rivals

Elsewhere. Choi Myung Yoon heard that Lee Geon was looking for the herbal medicine and transaction ledger of her father to find out the poison he used on Hae Jeong. She secretly entered Sang Rok’s room and found what she was looking for. 

Missing Crown Prince
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She went to the palace and brought the evidence. She first met Min Su Ryeon who tried to brainwash her about her father. But she surprised her by revealing that Choi Sang Rok killed her mother because of Min Su Ryeon, so she doesn’t consider him anymore as a father. 

Lee Geon saw Choi Myung Yoon and got angry at her unexpected visit. However, his anger faded, and got broken-hearted when she confessed that Sang Rok was the one who killed her mother. He comforted her.

Later on, the sense of crisis deepened when Captain Moon ordered Myung Yoon to send an assassin to protect Lee Geon. But she got wounded during the fight. Lee Geon appeared and rescued her. Prince Doseong appeared too and the tension between the three intensified. 

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