‘Missing Crown Prince’ Episode 15: Hong Ye Ji Helps Suho Make Antidote for His Father

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Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji) and Lee Geon (Suho) worked together to create an antidote for his father, Hae Jong in “Missing Crown Prince” episode 15.

‘Missing Crown Prince’ Episode 15: Doseong Stops Choi Myung Yoon From Treating Hae Jong

In this episode, Lee Geon was in an unyielding confrontation with his brother, Prince Doseong, over Choi Myung Yoon, who had been attacked, and shocked by Doseong’s words that his maternal grandfather, Moon Hyung, had tried to harm Myung Yoon.

Missing Crown Prince
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After discovering this, Myung Yoon came forward and asked Doseong to give him time to treat Hae Jong, which the prince desperately opposed. But due to her strong attitude and Lee Geon’s determination to protect Myung Yoon, he took a step back and left the place.

Lee Geon treated the wounded Choi Myung Yoon and apologized for putting her in danger. Left Councilor Yoon Igyeom came and said that he would kill Hae Jong if the Grand Prince ascended to the throne. Lee Geon made a brave statement that he’d rather become a bad brother than cause irreparable harm to Doseong.

Moon Hyung Clears His Intention Toward Choi Myung Yoon

Immediately, Lee Geon visited his maternal grandfather, Moon Hyung. Captain Myung admitted that he didn’t intend to kill Myung Yoon but only wanted to drive her out, and maintained his stance that he would push out Choi Sang Rok’s daughter to the end for Lee Geon’s sake. He coldly turned away and told Lee Geon to return to Choi Myung Yoon.

Missing Crown Prince
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Afterward, Myung Yoon told Lee Geon that there seemed to be an antidote in the book located in Queen Min So Ryeon’s room. He immediately visited Queen Min and lured her outside. Choi Myung Yoon then successfully entered the room stole the book, and swapped it with an identical book.

Lee Geon & Choi Myung Yoon Start to Make Antidote

Lee Geon and Myung Yoon started the process of making the antidote but failed. They looked for another plan. To get Sang Seon to help them mix the right ingredients for the medicine, Lee Geon went undercover with Mu Baek and rescued Sang Seon’s relatives who were being held hostage by Choi Sang Rok.

Later on, after they found a hint from the smuggling ledger written by Gaekju and found the antidote mixing ratio, Lee Geon and Myung Yoon rejoiced and even hugged each other.

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On the other hand, due to gossip about his brother and Myung Yoon, Grand Prince Doseong made his decision in front of Min So Ryeon and Choi Sang Rok to become the crown prince. As proof of his alliance with them, he revealed that Lee Geon and Grand Master Moon Hyung prepared an army and said that Court Lady Seon Ok was Lee Geon’s spy.

In the end, Lee Geon fell again into a trap. To wake Hae Jong, the only person who could solve their problems, he visited Daejeon with Myung Yoon and administered a newly created antidote to Hae Jong.

Miraculously, Hae Jong slowly opened his eyes and Lee Geon was emotional seeing him. He was overwhelmed to finally reunite with his father.

Expectations increase whether Hae Jong’s return will finally help Lee Geon regain his throne as he has been going through repeated hardships in the palace.

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