‘Missing Crown Prince’ Episode 6: Suho Loses His Power in the Palace

After he was famed for treason, Lee Gun (Suho) was dethroned from his position and lost his power in the palace in “Missing Crown Prince” Episode 6.

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Keep on reading to know what happened in the latest episode.

‘Missing Crown Prince’ Episode 6: Prince Doseong Replaces Lee Gun

Missing Crown Prince
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In this episode, Crown Prince Lee Gun was dethroned, and at the same time, a fierce power struggle broke out within the royal family, creating an imminent sense of tension.

The assembly was held and Choi Sang Rok (Kim Joo Hun) declared that he would name Grand Prince Doseong as crown prince and issued an order disposing of Lee Gun as the crown prince as he was guilty of treason.

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Outside the palace, Lee Gun and Gap Seok (Kim Seol Jin) fought with the police officers, who were chasing him and defeated them with his brilliant martial arts skills but were troubled when his previous wounds were compounded.

Gap Seok Searches For Choi Myung Yoon to Treat Lee Gun

Moreover, Gap Seok, who went to see Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji) to treat Lee Gun, witnessed Sang Rok’s bodyguard, Moo Baek (Seo Jae Woo) searching the gibang to catch them instead of Myung Yoon.

'Missing Crown Prince’ Stills
EXO Suho
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Gap Seok has been fighting with Oh Wol (Kim No Jin), who was in disguise on behalf of Myung Yoon, who ran away from home, thinking she was Choi Sang Rok’s daughter. She complained about his reckless behavior, but Gap Seok did not back down. He speculated that there might be a hostage, which made Lee Gun angry.

Meanwhile, Choi Myung Yoon, who had run away from home for fear of a selection order being issued, witnessed her servant, Oh Wol being bossed around. When she arrived at Lee Gun’s house, she froze after encountering him, who was freeing Oh Wol.

He gave Myung Yoon a cold look and questioned her identity. Their reunion raised the viewers’ curiosity as Lee Gun was already doubting Myung Yoon’s family origin.

Min Soo Ryeon, Choi Sang Rok’s Past Revealed

Missing Crown Prince
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Elsewhere, Min Soo Ryeon (Myung Se Bin) and Choi Sang Rok’s sad past were revealed. Soo Ryeon, who lost her son, shed tears as she remembered her sufferings in the past and was upset due to Choi Sang Rok, who had been beaten for his actions in the past.

In the end, she gives her care and attention to Lee Gun and focuses on maintaining her power in the palace.

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