‘Missing Crown Prince’ Episode 9: Suho Prepares Revenge Against Kim Joo Hun & Myung Se Bin

Lee Gun (Suho) who found out Choi Sang Rok (Kim Joo Hun) and Myung Soo Ryun’s (Myung Se Bin) partnership prepared a bait against them in “Missing Crown Prince” Episode 9.

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‘Missing Crown Prince’ Episode 9: Lee Gun Reunites With Hyeon Mok

Missing Crown Prince - Suho
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In this episode, Lee Gun arrived in Mungyeong and reunited with his grandfather, Hyeon Mok. However, he heard someone shouting his name and requested him to step outside. He went out and received the teaching paper said to have been sent by Queen Min Soo Ryun and said it was fake. 

He took out the royal seal he was carrying, shocking everyone. It was revealed that the royal seal and national seal given by Jung Yeon were from Prince Doseong (Kim Min Gyu). 

After reassuring Min Soo Ryun and Choi Sang Rok (Kim Joo Hun), Lee Gun turned the situation around and sent a dispatch to Hanyang to launch a counterattack.

Before leaving, Lee Gun talked to his grandfather, who warned him about Min and Choi. Due to this, expectations arose for a major revenge that Lee Gun was preparing for them. 

Choi Myung Yoon & Lee Gun Discover Each Other’s Identities 

Missing Crown Prince
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Meanwhile, Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji) finds out that Lee Gun is the crown prince and sheds tears while showing her respect. She was about to reveal the truth, but Lee Gun apologized with the thought that Myung Yoon was Choi Sang Rok’s servant. He added that he would protect her from Sang Rok. This made Myung Yoon’s guilt heavier. 

However, Lee Gun was unsure of something and visited Choi Myung Yoon again, there he found out that she was not a servant but Choi Sang Rok’s daughter. He was shocked and burst into anger. His feelings were conflicted after hearing the truth.

Myung Yoon, who had no idea about her father’s evil deeds, tried to ask for forgiveness. Feeling infuriated, Lee Gun left the scene. Myung Yoon, on the other hand, who had been shedding tears silently packed her bags and left for Hanyang, and the two had a tearful farewell. 

Prince Doseong Decides to Become the New Crown Prince

Missing Crown Prince
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Meanwhile, Prince Doseong headed to Daejeon after hearing the news of his brother, Lee Gun’s arrest and that his father, Haejong, was in critical condition. To save his father, after seeing him coughing blood, Doseong decided to do what Choi Sang Rok and Min Soo Ryun wanted, which was to become the crown prince. 

Elsewhere, the partnership between Min Soo Ryun, Choi Sang Rok, and Yoon I Gyeom, who wanted to make Doseong the crown prince, started to fall with the bait thrown by Lee Gun to disguise the identity of  Yoon I Gyeom. 

Yoon, who felt a sense of crisis after learning of Sang Rok and Soo Ryun’s actions to find forged identities, instigated Min Su Ryun’s murder while she was leaving the palace. Unfortunately, Sang Rok was shot instead of Min Su Ryun after he discovered Yoon’s agenda.

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