Mnet Build Up Episode 4 Preview: Rival Mission Continues With Great Performance and Unbelievable Scores

Launching on January 26, the newest K-pop audition survival series has become a weekly rollercoaster of emotions, captivating audiences with its riveting dramas. As we delve into its fourth week, viewers eagerly anticipate the Mnet Build Up Episode 4 Preview. Directed by Ma Doo-shik, renowned for his work on Superstar K, this Korean reality competition series (빌드업: 보컬 보이그룹 서바이벌) originally titled Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival, showcases 40 diverse participants, ranging from established K-pop stars to aspiring idol trainees and musical actors. Notable figures among them include former DAY6 member Im Jun-hyeok, AB6IX’s Jeon Woong, A.C.E’s Lee Dong-hoon, WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa, and JUST B’s Bain.

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Guided by the charming host, actor Lee Da-hee, the survival reality show sets the ambitious goal of debuting the final four contestants as members of a vocal boy group under a two-year contract. The Build Up audition series boasts an impressive lineup of mentors, with a star-studded cast of regular judges including BTOB’s Seo Eun-kwang, solo artist Kim Jae-hwan, MAMAMOO’s Solar, Red Velvet’s Wendy, Baekho, Lee Seok-hoon, and SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan.

Mnet Build Up Episode 4 Release Date

The fourth episode is slated to be released on February 16, 2024, Friday, at 6:30 PM KST.

Where to Watch Mnet Build Up Episode 4

The upcoming episode is expected to be available for live streaming on Mnet’s YouTube channel, as well as being broadcast on South Korea’s television network tvN and OTT platform TVING.

Mnet Build Up Episode 4 Preview / Trailer

The official preview/trailer for Episode 4 has not been released yet. We will provide updates as soon as it becomes available.

The upcoming episode will continue with the riveting mission, showcasing the incredible performance of the participants, leaving the audience in awe. The suspense will keep everyone on the edge as we discover who will ultimately be eliminated and miss the chance to be part of the ultimate group.

Mnet Build Up Episode 4 Preview Still 1

Brief Build Up Episode 3 Recap

The episode began with the remaining participants in the top tier selecting who they wanted to designate as the low tier from their respective groups. The PRE-4 Mission concluded with the division of all participants into three groups: T for top tier, M for middle tier, and L for low tier. Subsequently, the next mission was announced as the 2R Mission, also known as the 2VS2 Mission. In this challenge, participants would form pairs and compete in a 2 vs 2 format, with the team achieving a higher judging score declared the winner. The losing team would become candidates for disqualification.

Top tier members were granted the privilege to choose their partners from any section, with the first selection opportunity. Middle-tier participants could choose their partners from their own section or the low tier, with selection occurring after the top tier had made their choices. In contrast, low-tier members could only select partners from their own section, with the last selection opportunity. Additionally, they were unable to refuse offers from higher-ranking tiers, given their lower status in the competition. After the selection, the second round commenced with a warm welcome to guest judge, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, the main vocalist of his team.

Mnet Build Up Episode 4 Preview Still 2

The competition then shifted into gear, assembling a total of 20 teams. With a format of 2 vs. 2, this meant there would be 10 matches, determined by participants’ choices. The first team to take the stage comprised Choi Su-hwan and Park Je-up, facing off against DONGHUN and Sunyoul. Only the highest and lowest scores from the judges were revealed, keeping the outcome unpredictable. Following both performances, the scores were unveiled, declaring Choi Su-hwan and Park Je-up as the victors of the battle. Subsequently, two more teams showcased their talents, delivering performances so incredible that the final score differences were minimal. This exemplified the remarkable abilities and dedication of each participant.

List of Build Up Contestants

The roster for the Mnet Global Audition 2024 Build Up features a diverse array of 40 contestants, each categorized by their distinctive vocal styles. Among these talents, there are 11 with unique voices, 10 with soulful tones, 7 with powerful vocals, and 12 versatile all-rounders. In the category of unique voices, we have Musical actor Kim Seo-hyung, Wumuti from BOYS PLANET, UP10TION’s Lee Hwan-hee and Sunyoul, Singer-songwriter Taewoo, Lee Kwang-suk, AB6IX’s Jeon Woong, Hong Sung-won, Kang Ha-yoon, Neon, and Kwon Eui-bin.

The Soul voices category showcases ONE PACT’s Jay Chang, NewKidd’s Lee Min-wook, WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa, Ma Jae-kyung, Jung Soo-min, A.C.E’s Lee Dong-hun, JUST B’s Bain, Kim Sung-jung, Park Joo-hee, and Lim Sang-hyun.For those with Power vocals, we have profiles of Kim Min-seo, Park Jae-up, Choi Ha-ram, Lim Joon-hyeok, FAVE1’s Hyukjin, Jo Hwan-ji, and Yoon In-hwan.

Lastly, the All-rounder voices category introduces talents such as CIX’s Seunghoon, M.O.N.T’s Bitsaeon, VANNER’s Taehwan, Hong Seong-joon, Jang In-tae, Jang Yoon-seo, PENTAGON’s Yeo One, JUST B’s Lee Geon-woo, Choi Su-hwan, KNK’s Jeong Inseong, Hwang In-hyuk, and Ji Yeon-woo.

Have you been tuning in to the latest episodes of the Mnet Build Up audition 2024 series? We’d love to hear about your favourite contestants! Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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