Mnet Road To Kingdom Set to Make Comeback with Season 2

Fans of K-pop and reality competition shows have reason to rejoice as Mnet Road to Kingdom is set to make a triumphant return with its highly anticipated second season, marking its revival after a four-year hiatus. With SPOTV News breaking the news, excitement has surged within the global K-pop community.

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A representative from Mnet confirmed the news, stating, that Road to Kingdom Season 2 is slated for broadcast in the latter half of this year. However, as it is still in the planning and preparation stages, we will reveal specific details such as the program title and broadcast date later. We ask for your anticipation.

Initially gracing screens in 2020, Road to Kingdom captured the hearts of viewers with its intense competition format, pitting seven talented boy groups against each other in a series of gripping challenges. These groups, including PENTAGON, ONF, Golden Child, THE BOYZ, VERIVERY, ONEUS, and TO1, showcased their skills and charisma week after week, vying for the coveted title. The success of the inaugural season not only captivated audiences but also served as a launchpad for the winning group, THE BOYZ, catapulting them into the limelight and cementing their status as rising stars in the K-pop scene.

Now, with the announcement of its return, fans eagerly await the lineup for Season 2, speculating which dynamic boy groups will grace the stage and vie for supremacy. As Mnet remains tight-lipped about the specifics, including the program’s title and broadcast date, anticipation continues to build, fueling discussions and predictions across social media platforms.

The return of Mnet’s reality show promises exhilarating performances and fierce competition and opens doors for aspiring boy groups to showcase their talents and carve their path to stardom. With the legacy of the first season setting the bar high, expectations are soaring for Season 2 to deliver unforgettable moments and crown a new champion.

Let us know in the comments below which Kpop group you guys want to see in this season.

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