MOA Rally Behind TXT Yeonjun as He Begs for Panda to Stay — ‘The Way He Started Crying..’

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In the dynamic world of K-pop, where artists often showcase multifaceted talents and interests, TXT’s Yeonjun stands out as an avid animal lover, with a profound affection for pandas.

His genuine enthusiasm for these black-and-white bears has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Genuine Excitement: Yeonjun’s Panda Encounters

In past vlogs, Yeonjun has displayed sheer excitement at the prospect of encountering pandas in real life.

His infectious energy and authentic reactions resonated deeply with fans, who eagerly joined him in anticipation of these special moments. During live broadcasts, Yeonjun has shared heartfelt conversations with fans about popular panda Fu Bao, the first panda born in Korea.

From pleading for Fu Bao to stay in South Korea to emotional reminiscing about their encounters, Yeonjun’s bond with Fu Bao is truly touching.

In a recent live broadcast, a fan’s innocent request for panda ears stirred up emotions in Yeonjun, leading him to reflect on his experiences with Fu Bao.

With Fu Bao’s departure back to China, Yeonjun’s emotional response resonated deeply with fans, showcasing his genuine love for the pandas.

Cherished Memories: Yeonjun’s Visits to Fu Bao

Yeonjun has previously visited Fu Bao, expressing overwhelming joy at meeting the panda for the first time.

His genuine admiration for Fu Bao’s loving and adorable nature has earned him praise from fans, solidifying his title as “THE Fu Bao lover.”

Yeonjun’s unwavering affection for pandas has struck a chord with fans, who find comfort and joy in witnessing his genuine happiness.

From aegyo-filled moments to heartfelt tears, Yeonjun’s authentic expressions of love for pandas resonate deeply with admirers worldwide.

Hopeful Reunion: Yeonjun and Fu Bao’s Future

As fans eagerly await the possibility of Yeonjun reuniting with Fu Bao in the future, they continue to cherish the heartwarming moments shared between the idol and his favorite pandas.

In the meantime, they find solace in the enduring bond between humans and animals, embodied in Fu Bao’s “grandfather’s” touching reactions.

Yeonjun’s profound love for pandas not only showcases his compassionate nature but also serves as a beacon of hope and positivity for fans worldwide.


As he continues to spread love and happiness through his passion for pandas, fans remain eagerly supportive, eagerly anticipating the day when he’ll be reunited with his beloved Fu Bao.