Moment of Tony Leung’s Wife at Venice Film Festival that Went Viral

Tony Leung’s wife Carina Lau stole the show at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

At the Venice International Film Festival, which opened on August 30th, Hong Kong actor Tony Leung received the Lifetime Achievement Award. After receiving the award, Leung posted a photo on his Instagram, wearing sunglasses and smiling happily. He captivated fans with his timeless handsomeness.

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tony leung

Not only did Leung’s post attract attention, but also the behind-the-scenes moments of the award ceremony. Carina Lau, Leung’s wife, received significant attention for holding his jacket firmly from behind. When the couple was leaving for Hong Kong after the event, they were greeted with cheers and applause from fans and journalists.

Known for being shy and reserved, Leung tried to quickly get into the car to avoid the crowded situation. However, Lau held onto his jacket and promptly positioned him in front of the fans. Thanks to Lau’s quick action, fans were able to take more photos of Leung, and this scene went viral online.

tony leung

Netizens praised Lau’s quick sense, “Carina Lau seems like she’s taking care of a child” and “Carina Lau is like a strict manager.” Many also commented on the good chemistry between Leung and Lau, saying that introverted men need extroverted wives.

On another note, in July, Leung made a surprise appearance in the music video for the song “Cool With You” by New Jeans, who made a comeback with their second mini-album, “Get Up.” Leung appeared in the “Side B” version of the music video, sporting white hair towards the end.

ADOR stated that Leung appeared in the New Jeans music video without any guarantee. Min Hee Jin, the general producer, delivered the script to Leung through a mutual acquaintance. It was reported that Leung decided to appear in the music video because he found the character charming, regardless of the screen time.

Source: daum