“Mom’s Friend’s Son” Peeks At Summer Romance Between Jung So Min and Jung Hae In

Prepare to be charmed by a new neighborhood romance in tvN’s upcoming weekend drama, Mom’s Friend’s Son!

The series, premiering on August 17 at 9:20 p.m., is a twist-filled love tale featuring a woman seeking to reboot her troubled life and her living dark past – his Mom’s friend’s son.

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This drama throws childhood acquaintances back together in an unexpected way. Our leading lady, played by Jung So Min, is determined to hit the reset button on life. Enter Jung Hae In as the picture-perfect son of her mom’s friend. Think straight A’s and charming personality – basically everything she’s not! But their tangled pasts are about to collide, and sparks are bound to fly.

This show boasts a powerhouse team. Director Yoo Je-won, known for hits like Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, is back at the helm, teaming up again with writer Shin Ha-eun. The cast is equally impressive, with veteran actors like Park Ji-young and Jo Han-cheol bringing the neighborhood vibes to life.

Get ready for hilarious antics from the supporting characters too. We’ve got a paramedic with a hero complex, a social worker with a heart of gold, and even a “daughter-fool” dad running a local snack shop. This close-knit community promises to add warmth and laughter to the story.

During the script reading session, the cast, including Jung Hae In, Jung So Min, Kim Ji Eun, Yoon Ji On, Park Ji-young, Jo Han-chul, Jang Young-nam, and Lee Seung-jun, showcased their lively and passionate acting, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Jung Hae-in shines in his first romantic comedy role as the perfect son Choi Seung-hyo, while Jung So-min plays Bae Seok-ryu, a relatable character aiming to start anew.

Mom’s Friend’s Son isn’t just about the central couple. The drama explores the lives of everyone in the Hye-reung-dong neighborhood, from the sassy best friend with a secret rivalry to the ambitious office worker with a hidden crush. It’s a story about second chances, unexpected connections, and the joy of finding family in the people around you.

So, mark your calendars! Mom’s Friend’s Son premieres on August 17th at 9:20 PM on tvN. Get ready for a summer filled with laughter, heartwarming moments, and a whole lot of romantic tension!