Moon Bin, Goo Hara, Jonghyun

From Moon Bin to Goo Hara, and to Jong Hyun, these are unforgettable, enduring names.

It has been 149 days since Moon Bin left us. Moon Bin was found deceased in his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on April 19th. He was just 25 years old, and his active involvement in various fields made his passing all the more tragic.

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Moon Bin

Though the late Moon Bin has sadly left this world, his name has not been erased. A memorial space set up by his agency has been relocated to Gukcheongsa Temple in Namhansanseong since 49 days ago and is still in operation. Friends who were close to him during his lifetime continue to cherish his memory, giving us the feeling that he is still with us.

Cha Eunwoo, through his personal account, posted a short video saying, “Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of Ddancong Unit.” This video was part of Moon Bin and Sanha’s fan concert held in March, showing vibrant moments of Moon Bin and a cheerful atmosphere. Ddancong is an affectionate nickname for Moon Bin and Sanha, and Cha Eunwoo shared the video to commemorate their unit’s 3rd anniversary, demonstrating that he still remembers and cherishes Moon Bin.

cha eun woo

Not only Cha Eunwoo but also Seventeen’s Seungkwan remembered the late Moon Bin. Seungkwan expressed, “You are much more than just a good person. You are my lifelong pride. I was truly honored to be your friend. Thank you for being my friend,” and posted messages and memories that reminded him of the late Moon Bin.

It’s not just the late Moon Bin. The late Goo Hara and the late Jonghyun, who were members and colleagues who were with them, continue to live forever in the hearts of their fans and fellow artists.

Goo Hara

Kang Jiyoung, celebrating her 15th anniversary since debut this year, posted a photo with Goo Hara, saying, “I debuted at 15, and now half of my life has passed. I was just a naive kid who knew nothing, and now I’ve changed my first digit in my age twice. I can’t tell grand stories, but I want to say that I’m doing well in my own way and not to worry. I want to see you.” Additionally, Kara gifted Goo Hara’s grave with their 15th-anniversary album and trophies they received through this album, showing their enduring affection.

SHINee celebrated their 15th anniversary by releasing their 8th regular album, “HARD,” and successfully completed their activities. They held up a 1st place trophy they received on a music broadcast as a tribute to the late Jonghyun. It’s been six years since the late Jonghyun left us, but SHINee continues to emphasize that they are still five members, incorporating his name into all their activities.