‘Moon in the Day’ Episode 1: Pyo Ye Jin, Kim Young Dae’s Past Meet Present

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Finally, the D-day has come as Pyo Ye Jin and Kim Young Dae star in the historical romance K-drama “Moon in the Day.”

The pilot episode delivered a fast-paced story as the scenes showcased the past and present lives of the main characters, Kang Young Hwa and Do Ha.

Based on the popular webcomic of the same name, the story focuses on the man who stops time after he was killed by his loved one.

Meanwhile, the woman had an opposite fate as her time continued to flow endlessly. Moreover, she also lost her memories of her past life, living a fresh start in her present life.

The viewer will get to see a dangerous yet heart-wrenching tale of reincarnated love between two characters.

‘Moon in the Day’ Episode 1 Viewership

As the historical romance K-drama airs its pilot episode, “Moon in the Day” joins the rating race with a satisfactory viewership.

In a report cited by a media outlet, Nielsen Korea recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 1.6 percent.

Airing every Wednesday and Thursday drama, this is ENA’s new K-drama that will surely entice fans with Pyo Ye Jin and Kim Young Dae’s undeniable chemistry.

‘Moon in the Day’ Episode 1 Recap

The season began with an episode highlighting the past and present of Kang Young Hwa and Do Ha, who started with a tragic past.

Do Ha is a feisty warrior, leading his group to the downfall of the rival kingdom.

Moon in the Day

(Photo : ENA)

As the group infiltrated the city, he successfully killed the leader and captured his wife and daughter.

Thankfully, Kang Young Hwa managed to survive after her mother saved him from the enemies.

Do Ha killed the mother and the daughter for the public to see his wrath. 

On the other hand, Kang Young Hwa promised to avenge her parents as she watched her mother get killed by Do Ha.

Moon in the Day

(Photo : ENA)

The next scene showed Kang Young Hwa living in her present life as Han Ri Ta, a righteous firefighter who is eager to save more lives.

As for Do Ha, he was reincarnated as a top-notch celebrity named Han Jun Oh, who, despite his fame, is a stubborn and ungrateful person.

Moon in the Day

(Photo : ENA)

Moon in the Day

(Photo : ENA)

The plot thickens after Han Ri Ta sees Han Jun Oh unconscious inside a moving vehicle.

At this point, he had a cardiac arrest inside a car submerged in water.

Han Ri Ta jumps into the river to save Jun Oh, but she is unable to save both their lives. Thankfully, a deity, through Do Ha,came in to rescue Ri Ta.

At the hospital, Jun Oh wakes up with a different soul inside him, and it seemed like it was the spirit of Do Ha.

Meanwhile, the episode ended with a flashback of Kang Young Hwa assassinating Do Ha as revenge for his parents.