Moon Junyoung fights rumors ahead of wedding by hashtagging Lee Sun Gyun’s name

Article: Moon Junyoung expresses anger ahead of wedding with hashtag Lee Sun Gyun

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Source: Money Today via Nate

[+65, -1] He’s crossing the line

[+45, -1] Please don’t use the dead’s name, get married quietly if you must

[+29, -0] It’s always the ignorant who are the bravest…

[+11, -0] Who is he and why is he so triggered?? Get married or do whatever you want but do so quietly instead of dragging a dead man’s name into it like this

[+6, -0] What rumors are he fighting that he has to.. go this far..

[+2, -0] …. Wow… he’s crazy, no??

[+1, -0] Education is so important, kids

[+0, -0] He’s still out here acting like this? Every time his name’s about to be forgotten, he does something on SNS to get his name in the scandals…

[+0, -0] As if his drunk driving scandal wasn’t bad enough