More Warm-hearted Stories About ‘Military Assistant’ BTS’s Jin Revealed

BTS’s Jin continued to surprise everyone with his kind personality 

A, a female fan of BTS, posted on an online community an anecdote of Jin, who is serving as a military assistant, she heard from her soldier boyfriend.

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A said, “My boyfriend was a trainee in Division 5. He told me that Jin bought snail cream and gave a box to the parents of each trainee at the training graduation ceremony”.

She explained, “During the training period, he also bought snacks for the trainees thrice. I heard he never got angry or scolded anyone. He was very nice”.

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A continued, “The soldier’s gear is very heavy, about over 10kg. Three trainees were eliminated during the trainee and Jin carried all their gear to the destination. I felt so touched as I could really feel Kim Seok-jin (Jin’s real name)’s sincerity”.

A also left a review of Jin’s appearance in real life. She said, “His face is about the size of a fist and he’s much more handsome than when he appears on the screen. The seniors kept admiring his back muscles, praising they were amazing.”

Earlier, another netizen also drew attention when delivering various stories about Jin’s military life. Netizen B said, “Jin is called ‘Pretty Jin who buys us food’ by other soldiers in his division. He would buy food trucks for them every weekend using his own money”.

Enlisting in the military in December last year, Jin is currently serving as an assistant at the 5th Infantry Division Training Center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do.

Source: Wikitree