‘Mouthless Polar Bear’ Ryu Junyeol’s Silence Sparks Controversy… Even Han Sohee Expresses Her Frustration


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“It’s not ‘Transit Love’, what’s so interesting about it?” “Stop hiding behind the girl cowardly, and speak up.”

Actress Han Sohee (29) has released a statement once again clarifying her relationship with Ryu Junyeol (37). Amidst his continued silence, netizens are criticizing Ryu Jun-yeol as well.

On the 29th, after Han Sohee posted a long explanation on Instagram denying the ‘Transit Love’ suspicion netizens flooded Ryu Junyeol’s comment section in his most recent Instagram post.

The post, uploaded two weeks ago, featured a photo of Ryu Junyeol visiting the Liam Museum for the ‘VOICES’ exhibition. In response to this post, where Han S-hee also liked it, netizens left comments urging him to speak up.

Netizens expressed dissatisfaction with Ryu Junyeol’s silence, saying, “Stop hiding behind the girl and explain yourself,” “Only girls are explaining, what are you doing?” “Not manly,” “Aren’t you sorry to Han Sohee?” “Protect your girlfriend,” and more, criticizing his silence.

Previously, during the controversy over the dating rumors, while former lover Hyeri and current lover Han Sohee threw shades on each other and apologized to each other, Ryu Junyeol remained silent. He, who has been active as a Greenpeace ambassador, promoting climate crisis response through the ‘Polar Bear Campaign,’ also became a target of criticism for ‘greenwashing’ (faking an environmentally friendly image). Along with this, his silence led to sarcastic remarks like, “Are you a polar bear without a mouth?”

On this day, Han Sohee directly asked Hyeri on Instagram, “What’s so interesting?” and practically triggered a second round of ‘Interesting’ showdown. Despite her efforts to clarify, Han Sohee, who is being bombarded with various criticisms, and Hyeri, who is being attacked by her ex-boyfriend of 8 years’ new lover, Ryu Junyeol remain silent.

In a statement posted on Instagram and later deleted, Han So-hee expressed regret over Ryu Junyeol’s silence, saying, “I’m frustrated because one of the parties is silent. This causes me to worry that people might write speculative articles saying that I’m lying and actually involved in a ‘Transit Love’.” However, there are opinions that support Ryu Jun-yeol’s silence, saying, “If he speaks up, won’t he be criticized anyway?” “He’s not saying anything because he knows he’ll be criticized.” Concerns mixed with voices supporting silence are also emerging for Han Sohee, who constantly explains herself.

In her statement on this day, Han Sohee emphasized, “(Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri) did break up exactly last year,” and “I’m writing this sentence to clarify that it’s not for the purpose of revealing personal dating stories and it’s not ‘Transit Love’.” She then added, “I can’t tell you more specifically about the part in Hyeri’s apology letter that said they agreed to meet again last November because I’m not involved in that. However, they didn’t meet to make up for their relationship.”


-But now that I think about it, Ryu Junyeol’s response seems appropriate… Anyway, it wasn’t a crime, and there was no need to dig into personal matters or fight over trivial things… Both Hyeri and Ryu Junyeol probably won’t take any further action… It’s… getting hard to watch… Sohee, please stop…

-Ryu Junyeol’s response seems fine; it’s just that Hyeri and Han So-hee went too far.

-Is Ryu Junyeol a criminal? Why are people so mad?

-What are you guys are saying? If Ryu Junyeol had handled things properly, this situation wouldn’t have arisen in the first place.

-I agree that Ryu Junyeol doesn’t need to respond to the public, but he should’ve at least responded it personally. Judging from what Sohee wrote, it seems like he’s not doing anything about this. 

-Why does “mouthless polar bear” sound so funny to meㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Honestly, I don’t think Ryu Junyeol owes us any explanation.

-Initially, it wasn’t Han Sohee’s business to comment on; it was Ryu Junyeol who needed to clarify. Whether they broke up or not, that’s between Ryu Junyeol and Hyeri. They dated for seven years.  Hyeri stated her position from her perspective… If there’s anything wrong, Ryu Junyeol should speak up. He shouldn’t remain silent and Han Sohee is wrong to pass on (presumed) information she heard from Ryu Junyeol to others, it’s not a valid explanation.

-What right does the public have to ask about this?

-Ryu Junyeol’s silence is the wisest course of action from his perspective. It’s not a crime, whatever he does will invite criticism, so there’s no reason to fuel the fire.

-Why do celebrities always remain silent or give vague answers whenever something happens? Han So-hee has gone completely off the rails, there must be something seriously wrong.

-It’s a personal matter and both Hyeri and Ryu Junyeol have already stated their positions, so now Han So-hee is causing a fuss all by herself.