Moving’ Cast: Meet the Villains in the Hit Disney+ Series

Disney+ gave viewers one of the most talked-about K-drama this 2023 after releasing the hit sci-fi action series “Moving.”

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Based on the popular webtoon by Kang Full, who also penned the 20-part episode K-drama, it depicts the story of three high school students who inherited the special abilities of their parents.

Viewers were delighted to watch the thrilling scenes in every episode, as well as the amazing cast featuring a mix of top actors and up-and-coming stars.

On the other hand, “Moving” also boasts a roster of talented actors who took on the villain roles.

With that said, meet the actors who played antagonists in Disney+’s “Moving.”

Park Hee Soon as Kim Deok Yoon


(Photo : Disney+)

Best known for his role in “My Name” as the gang leader Choi Moo Jin, Park Hee Soon played another villain role in “Moving.”

Taking on the North Korean Army leader Kim Deok Yoon, he is going against Lee Mi Hyun, Jang Joo Won, and the adults with superpowers as they protect their children from North Korean members who are looking for Kim Bong Seok, Jang Hee Soo, and Lee Kang Hoon.

One of the striking line that Kim Deok Yoon mentioned in “Moving” episode 17 was about Kim Doo Shik’s involvement with the North Korean Army.

“Do you have any idea why we wound up this way? It’s because of that guy, Kim Doo Sik,” he said.

Based on the preview released by Disney+, Deok Yoon will encounter Lee Mi Hyun, who is ready to transform into a monster for her son.

Park Gwang Jae as Kwon Yong Deuk


(Photo : Disney+)

Playing the role of a North Korean soldier with recovery ability and superhuman strength, Park Gwang Jae portrayed the role of Kwon Yong Deuk. He is the big guy who had an intense encounter with Jang Joo Won.

Viewers might recognize Park Gwang Jae from his previous K-dramas, like “Let Me Be Your Knight,” playing the role of loan shark, and “Big Mouth,” as a staff member of Jiseong Mental Center.

However, before debuting as an actor, he was a professional basketball player who graduated from the prestigious Yonsei University with a degree in Business Administration.

Jo Bok Rae as Park Chan Il


(Photo : Disney+)

He appeared in the first part of “Moving” as North Korean soldier Park Chan Il. Before appearing on K-dramas, Jo Bok Rae was a musical actor who was quite active on stage.

Besides “Moving,” he also appeared in various K-dramas, taking on supporting roles like in “Our Beloved Summer,” “Dr. Brain,” “Navillera,” and more.

Yang Dong Geun as Jung Joon Hwa


(Photo : Disney+)

Last on the list is Yang Dong Geun as North Korean soldier Jung Joon Hwa. Like the other two, he has a flying ability like Kim Doo Shik. His mission is to find Jang Hee Soo, but he was surprised to meet Kim Doo Shik’s son, Kim Bong Seok.

Did you know that besides being an actor, Yang Diong Geun is also a hip-hop artist who goes by the name YDG?