‘Moving’ Cast Says Goodbye to Viewers As the Disney+ Series Airs Finale

After keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and looking forward to new episodes every week, the “Moving” cast bids goodbye as the webtoon-based K-drama airs its finale episode. 

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Han Hyo Joo, Ryu Seung Ryong, Cha Tae Hyun, and more posted handwritten letters to thank viewers for their huge support.

‘Moving’ Cast Writes Message to Viewers

Disney+ Korea shared photos featuring the “Moving” cast and their message for viewers who watched the series from start to finish.

Director Park In Je and screenwriter and webtoon creator Kang Full expressed their deep gratitude to everyone who loved the 20-episode series. 

Moving Cast

(Photo : Disney+ Korea)

Meanwhile, Ryu Seung Ryong, who played the role of former agent Jang Joo Won, wrote, “I hope ‘Moving’ was useful to you all. I was happy to be able to ‘Moving’ with you all.”

As for Han Hyo Joo, the actress, who portrayed the role of Lee Mi Hyun, made a crying gesture as she held a piece of paper and wrote Kim Doo Shik’s iconic line and said, “You guys happened to see “Moving.” I feel like I’m going to die.”

On the other hand, Lee Jung Ha, who took on the role of Kim Bong Seok, wrote a transitional poem, while co-star Kim Do Hoon, who played Lee Kang Hoon, encouraged the entire family to watch “Moving” during the upcoming Chuseok.

Besides the lead stars, “Moving” villains, who played North Korean army Park Hee Soon, Yang Dong Geun, and Jo Bok Rae, penned their heartfelt messages, thanking viewers for their love and support for the K-drama.

After more than a month since it made its global premiere, the webtoon-based K-drama got fans hooked on the thrilling stories between the good and the evil, the NIS team versus individuals with superpowers.

Unfortunately, just like every K-drama, the Disney+ series wrapped up the season, airing its first three episodes on September 20.

“Moving” episodes 18 to 20 aired simultaneously on Disney+ and Hulu.

Viewers get to see how the story will go between Lee Mi Hyun, Jang Joo Won, and Lee Jae Man versus the North Korean Army for the final battle.

Will ‘Moving’ return for Season 2?


(Photo : Disney+)

Fans are hopeful for the release of “Moving” season 2, but is it possible?

As mentioned by a media outlet, writer and webtoon creator Kang Full mentioned that there is a “possibility.”

During his appearance in “MMTG,” the renowned writer Kang Full said that he was not closing any doors if the platform and officials expressed their desire to have a sequel.

“The webtoon already has stories before and after [the drama takes place]. I think there is a possibility,” he said; however, as of this moment, everything is “not certain.”