‘Moving’ Director Reveals Why He Made Jo In Sung ‘Ugly’ in the Series

“Moving” director Park In Je reveals never-before-heard stories during the filming of the Disney+ series, especially with lead star Jo In Sung.

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In the 20-part episode K-drama, the South Korean star played the role of a top-tier agent who chose to live under the radar as he quit the agency.

In Moving,” he also harbors superpowers like fellow agents; however, as for him, he has the ability to fly.

Director Park In Je Reveals the Challenging Part of Making Jo In Sung Ugly

During the interview with the director, Park In Je talked about how he changed Jo In Sung’s appearance to fit the character.


(Photo : Disney + Korea Instagram)

As we all know, the actor has head-turning visuals, making him too handsome for the role of Kim Doo Shik.

Meanwhile, director Park In Je mentioned that it was one of the most challenging parts of Jo In Sung’s character.


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As obtained by SBS Star, he admitted that he had a hard time making Jo In Sung look unattractive.

Describing him as an “incredibly good-looking” human being, the director said that he is too good-looking to be a fugitive. 

“In the very first scene that In Sung’s character appears in the series, he’s a fugitive living a poor life in the countryside, hiding from a National Intelligence Service agent named ‘Min,'” he said, referring to Kim Doo Shik’s boss, adding, “He is seen working in the orchard. As we were filming this scene, we faced an unexpected obstacle because of his looks.”

According to the director, it was hard for them to transform Jo In Sung into an ordinary father living in a rural area.

For Park In Je, the actor was “too handsome for a poor guy” who is doing odd works under the sun.

Interestingly, the director said that they did all they could to make him look ugly.

“So, we made his clothes dirtier and his hair really messy. We did do our best to make him look ‘ugly’, but there seemed to be a limit to how ‘ugly’ we could make him look,” the director said, recalling the changes they had during the production.

The said scene was at the time when Kim Doo Shik decided to leave the agency and move to a rural town with Lee Mi Hyun (Han Hyo Joo) to raise their firstborn son, Kim Bong Seok. 

At the time, they also discovered that their son has superpowers like Doo Shik. 

Unfortunately, one agent working under Mr. Min traced the couple’s whereabouts and captured Doo Shik. Thankfully, Mi Hyun and Bong Seok escaped, but they never saw Kim Doo Shik again. 

‘Moving’ Finale Release Date

Moving Poster

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After over a month of broadcasting, viewers still can’t move on from the hit webtoon-based series. 

Interestingly, the final week will showcase 3 episodes simultaneously. 

“Moving” episodes 18 to 20 will all air on September 20 at 4 p.m. KST. Viewers get to watch the last three episodes via Disney+ and Hulu.