“Moving” director says plans for season 2 have not been decided

“The production of Season 2 has not been confirmed yet.”

Writer Kang Full said in a telephone interview with Sports Seoul on September 20th, “I have mixed feelings. I remember the hard times I had while making “Moving.” It’s good that you don’t have to feel sorry for the people you’ve worked with because the results are good. (As I am on vacation) I will go to Korea and watch the final episode,” he said.

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kang full

As for the production of Season 2, “Nothing has been confirmed yet. There are many things that need to be solved before the production, everything will have to go smoothly,” he said.

“If the next season comes out, it will be a piece of cake, but if not, it will be an open ending. I don’t prefer to create an open ending irresponsibly. I have left room (for further development),” he added.

Prior to this, in the 16th episode of “Moving,” which was released on September 13th, Kim Young Tak, who appears in Kang Full universe’s webtoons “Timing,” “Again,” and “Bridge,” appeared.

Fans of “Moving” estimated that actor Yoo Seung-ho would play Kim Young Tak in season 2 of “Moving,” noting the resident registration number “930817” on the personal statement. Yoo Seung-ho was born on August 17, 1993.

Source: daum