’Moving’ Director Shares How Much They Spent Per Episode: ‘It doesn’t seem that big’

After surprising us with the behind-the-scenes stories regarding the casting and experience filming the series, “Moving” director Park In Je dishes on the costs of the drama’s production, which reportedly reached billions of won.

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The 20-episode K-drama left viewers amazed with its star-studded cast lineup, amazing storyline, and, of course, the impressive visuals that kept everyone hooked on each episode.

In an interview obtained by a local news portal, the director revealed how he utilized CGI to create jaw-dropping effects that viewers loved. 

Park In Je Considers Himself an ‘Inexperienced Director’ Despite Creating ‘Kingdom 2’ and ‘Moving’

Although Park In Je made a mark in the industry, thanks to his hit K-drama “Kingdom,” he still considers himself an “inexperienced director.”

Kingdom 2

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Moving Poster

(Photo : Disney Plus Korea)

According to him, he hasn’t directed the same project like “Moving.” However, “it’s more fun to do something” that he has never tried before rather than something that he is good at.

This is why he still sees himself as an “inexperienced director,” because there’s something that he needs to learn.

Besides the K-Zombie series, which stars Joo Ji Hoon, he also helmed and penned the movie “Moby Dick” and the political drama film “The Mayor.”

‘Moving’ Budget Per Episode Costs THIS Much, According to Park In Je


(Photo : Disney+)

Dubbed as “the most expensive K-drama in history” by various media outlets, “Moving” has a production budget of a whopping 50 billion KRW or 37 million USD.

It was the largest production cost invested by Disney+ among Korean contents, and to add to that, it is one of the largest-scale works among the recent K-dramas.

As for director Park In Je, they didn’t rely on the production cost alone.

“I’m just a maker. I don’t think production costs are something I should think about,” he said, and he even joked about how the production budget is something that Walt Disney “should think about.”

For him, he focuses on the quality of the series, in which he did not fail.

“I thought it would do well if it was made well,” the director pointed out.

Director Park In Je also added that 50 billion won might seem big to some, but in reality, it was just right.

“We spent 2.5 billion won per episode,” he said, adding, “Rather, I am proud of having completed this work with such a small amount of money.”

As mentioned, “Moving” created a huge craze, especially among K-drama viewers. In a report cited by Flix Patrol, the sci-fi thriller series ranked first in four countries. It includes Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, they are about to air their last three episodes on September 20 via Disney+ and Hulu.