‘Moving’ Episode 16: What Is the Real Purpose of Kim Hee Won at Jeongwon High School?

“Moving” episode 16 showcased the start of the final battle between the former agents and the dark forces. The episode also focused on Kim Hee Won’s mysterious character as he plays as Jeongwon High School’s teacher, Choi Il Hwan.

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After shedding light on Han Hyo Joo, Jo In Sung, Ryu Seung Ryong, Cha Tae Hyun, and Kim Sung Kyun’s characters, it’s time to reveal the connection between Kim Hee Won and the 3 gifted high school students.

‘Moving’ Episode 16 Recap

The September 13 broadcast continued where episode 15 ended. It showed how Jeon Gye Do saved Jang Hee Soo and Kim Bong Seok from the mysterious man who was following them.

After sensing danger, he pretended that the bus was malfunctioning and directed it straight to the police station. However, the mysterious man escaped from the scene.

The same goes for Hee Soo and Bong Seok, who fled because they were worried about their parents once they knew that they were at the police station.

On the other hand, the focus of “Moving” episode 16 is the guidance counselor teacher Choi Il Hwan.

In the story, he personally talked to Mr. Min, asking him if he could be part of the black ops. As for his reason, he wanted to repay the service of these agents after seeing their dedication for their work.


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It turned out that he was the soldier that Jang Joo Won saved during the military encounter of Korean soldiers versus North Koreans. As for Mr. Min, he appointed him to be part of the NDT, which is responsible for recruiting new breeds of black ops agents.

Among the first ones that he saw as potential was Jeon Gye Do, and he knew about his superhuman powers. He told Mr. Min about it and was instructed to test him. Although he didn’t like the idea, he saw Jeon Gye Do being beaten by a group of students in hopes that he might use his powers to fight but he didn’t.

Next, he witnessed the potential of Yang Se Eun, who happens to be Na Ju’s daughter. A former black ops agent with special abilities Choi Il Hwan knew about Se Eun’s powers and wanted her to train for the possibility of joining the agency in the future.


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However, he didn’t know about her cancer, which caused her death. At this point, he seemed to question the true motif of the agency in finding a new breed of black ops agent.

Little did they know that this is Na Ju’s way to protect her kids from Mr. Min.

Meanwhile, in the present time, he meets Lee Mi Hyun, who seems to doubt Choi Il Hwan. On the other hand, she unexpectedly saw Jang Joo Won, who visited the guidance councilor’s office.

As soon as she was about to leave the room, she warned her about the CCTV camera.

As Joo Won spoke to Il Hwan, he mentioned the CCTV camera, which the latter didn’t know. He also pointed out the coincidence of him, Mi Hyun, and their kids, who went to the same school.

This left Jang Joo Won to ask who Choi Il Hwan is.

Unfortunately for Il Hwan, he had a good motive for joining the agency but was recruited for a wrong purpose and that is to do the dirty deeds of the agency.

On the other hand, “Moving” episode 16 showcased how Mi Hyun was right about her hunch.

She was able to locate the principal’s office, which she believes has the monitor for all the CCTVs. She also heard a woman informing someone to get inside the building and notifying them about the number of people inside the premises.

Due to her heightened senses, she went after the mysterious cleaning lady, who is said to be a member of the North Korean spies.

The last scene in “Moving” episode 16 featured the North Korean getting inside Jeongwon High School, suggesting a possible attack on the former agents.

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