‘Moving’ Episode 17: Ryu Seung Ryong, Han Hyo Joo Awaken Their Inner Monster

“Moving,” episode 17, showcased heart-pounding scenes as the former agents reunited to fight against North Koreans.

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Titled “Awakening,” the adults as well as the teens were provoked to use their combat skills to resist the dark forces.

Based on the webtoon written by Kang Full and directed by Park In Je of “Kingdom” season 2, the 17th episode focuses on the encounter between former agents, the NIS, and North Korean spies.

‘Moving’ Episode 17 Recap

The long wait is over for viewers to witness the full potential of Jang Hee Soo, Kim Bong Seok, and Lee Kang Hoon, along with their parents, as they encounter mysterious individuals from North Korea.

The episode starts with Lee Mi Hyun and Kim Doo Shik’s first date. Here, Mi Hyun was curious about how he learned about his ability. According to Doo Shik, he was able to learn how to fly after he overcame his fear of falling.


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Interestingly, this story will be significant to Kim Bong Seok when he is about to save Jang Hee Soo from Jung Joon Hwa, a North Korean sent to eliminate South Koreans with special abilities.

In one scene, Hee Soo and Bong Seok arrived at the stadium, where Choi Il Hwan advised him to train.

At this point, Kim Bong Seok left, thinking that someone at the gate was looking after her. However, Jung Joon Hwa was able to trace the duo’s whereabouts after leaving the Gye Don’s bus.

Terrified of the mysterious person, she tried to keep herself calm but was stunned after Jung Joon Hwa threw her off the second floor.

“So you can’t fly?” he said, adding that Hee Soo was also too weak to fight. He was able to figure out his ability after he saw that her wounds were healing fast.

At this point, Kim Bong Seok heard the commotion and tried his best to get inside the stadium. Thankfully, he remembered what his mom said about his father. Just in the nick of time, he was able to fly and save Hee Soo. 


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However, the North Koreans were too strong even for the both of them. 

As with Jeongwon High School, Lee Mi Hyun encountered the cleaning lady, who is a member of the North Korean spies.

After an intense battle, she was able to get outside the principal’s office and disable CCTV and electricity. At this point, she knew about the North Koreans’ plan, which was to kill everyone involved in the NIS’ NDT.

On the other hand, Jang Joo Won encounters the head of the North Korean group, who were looking for files that included the names of the alleged trainees that NIS wants to recruit. 

However, Choi Il Hwan resists giving the files in order to protect the students. 

At this point, Jang Joo Won tells Il Hwan to look after the students as he battles with the North Koreans.

In one scene, North Korean leader Kim Deok Yoon mentioned Kim Doo Shik’s name, adding that it all started because of him.


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Hearing Kim Doo Shik’s name triggered Lee Mi Hyun’s anger even more.