‘Moving’ Episode 20: Is It a Happy Ending for Han Hyo Joo, Ryu Seung Ryong, More?

After 19 episodes, “Moving” bids goodbye to viewers with a satisfying ending as episode 20 showcases how things went after the final battle. 

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Starring Han Hyo Joo, Ryu Seung Ryong, Jo In Sung, Cha Tae Hyun, Go Yoon Jung, Lee Jung Ha, and more, the webtoon-based drama is helmed by “Kingdom” season 2 director Park In Je and penned by Kang Full, who is also the creator of the popular webtoon.

“Moving” centers around humans with superpowers who are being chased by the governments of North and South Korea for their evil plans.

‘Moving’ Episode 20 Recap

The finale episode began with Lee Mi Hyun’s battle with North Korean soldier Jung Joon Hwa. 


(Photo : Disney+ Korea)

As she was about to get killed, Kim Bong Seok saved him by going against Joon Hwa, who also has the ability to fly.

However, as a mother, she wanted Bong Seok to run away, especially now that the North Korean troop leader Kim Deok Yoon is aiming a gun at him.


(Photo : Disney+ Korea)

At this point, Bong Seok knew that Jeon Gye Do would save him, as the bus driver used his electromagnetic power to kill Joon Hwa. Fortunately for him, he only lost his arm. He was then instructed by his superior to retrieve the files and give them to their officials.

Meanwhile, the battle is now between Lee Mi Hyun and Jang Joo Won, who went to the rooftop to go after Deok Yoon.

Knowing that his enemies now have the upper hand against him, he tried to jump off the building and keep the secret about Kim Doo Shik’s whereabouts.

In a flashback, Kim Deok Yoon initially didn’t want to harm any innocent people, just like what happened to his troops 50 years ago.

At this point, he felt sorry for his comrades who died during the mission.

After a year since the incident happened, Jang Hee Soo and Lee Kang Hoon attended the graduation ceremony with their parents, except for Kim Bong Seok and his family, who had gone under the radar since the incident.

Jang Joo Won continued his chicken business with the former North Korean soldier Kwon Young Deuk, who became his assistant. Hee Soo, on the other hand, entered the university’s physical education department.

As for Lee Kang Hoon, he visited Mr. Min’s office and expressed his desire to become part of the NIS with one condition, which is to clear the name of his father from criminal records.

As he was about to go out of his office, he saw the school guard and his classmate who disguised themselves as part of Jeonwon High School, but in reality, they are high-ranking NIS officials.

On the other hand, Kim Bong Seok and Lee Mi Hyun left town to live a new life. Jang Hee Soo would occasionally hear out a super hero wearing a yellow cape who would save people from danger.

In the last scene, North Korean soldier Park Il Chan lets Kim Doo Shik escape to see his family. As he returns to South Korea, he killed Mr. Min and gets reunited with Bong Seok and Mi Hyun.  


(Photo : Disney+ Korea)