‘Moving’ Kdrama: Will Jo In Sung Appear in the Final Episode?

As Disney+ Korea dropped the finale poster for “Moving” in preparation for the show’s last episode, speculation arose about whether Jo In Sung would appear in the last 3 episodes. 

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The streaming platform teased viewers with intriguing visuals featuring the protagonist and antagonist of the series.

Disney+ Hints at an Intense End in ‘Moving’ Finale

In the latest update of Disney+, the “Moving” finale suggests a major clash between the good and the evil, the gifted versus the dark forces.

As seen in the latest poster, it featured Lee Jung Ha, Go Yoon Jung, and Kim Do Hoon in the front, hinting at another fierce battle. 


(Photo : Disney+)

In addition, the former agents and the villains were spotted at the back, suggesting a continued face-off between the North and South Koreans.

Moreover, the finale poster also includes key personalities in the NIS, including Moon Sung Geun, who played Mr. Min, Kim Shin Rok as NIS member Yeo Woon Gyu, along with Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Hee Won, and Kim Sung Kyun. 

“Always put my life on the line for what was precious. Everything begins with an end,” the caption reads, raising expectations for the shocking battle.

‘Moving’ Finale Release Date

With only one week left until the cast says goodbye with a notable ending, Disney+ will release the last three episodes of “Moving.”

Viewers will get to see episodes 18 to 20 as the show airs exclusively on Disney+ and Hulu on September 20, which the streaming platform will simultaneously air. 

‘Moving’ Episodes 16 and 17 Highlights

Another week means another new episode featuring the beloved heroes Lee Mi Hyun, Kim Bong Seok, Jang Woo Won, and more as “Moving” episodes 16 and 17 premiere.

As seen in the latest episode, North Korea sent a group to stop the NIS from training a new breed of superhumans. 

Their mission is to kill everyone who is involved with the plan.

Jeongwon High School became the unexpected training ground for the skilled teens whom they think have the potential to become the next black ops agents.

However, Lee Mi Hyun and Jang Joo Won visited the school as soon as the video of Lee Kang Hoon and Jang Hee Soo went viral.

At this point, they met Choi Il Hwan, a former soldier who wanted to serve the NIS, but his good intentions were manipulated by Mr. Min.


(Photo : Disney+ )

All Jang Joo Won and Lee Min Hyun could do was protect their kids against the North Koreans, who wanted to eradicate every single individual with superpowers.


(Photo : Disney+)


(Photo : Disney+)

In the last scene, North Korean military leader Kim Deok Yoon mentioned Kim Doo Shik’s name, which triggered Lee Mi Hyun to retaliate.