Moving Korean Drama Review (2023)

Moving Korean Drama

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Network: Disney+, Hulu

Episode: 20

Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Supernatural

Aired: Aug 9, 2023 – Sep 20, 2023

Aired Day: Wednesday

Grade: A++

Jang Hui Soo (Ko Yoon Jung) has transferred to a new school due to an assault incident at her previous school. She becomes friends with Kim Bong Seok (Lee Jeong Ha), a Class 3–3 student who doesn’t have other friends. Lee Gang Hoon (Kim Do Hoon) is the class president. They have a superpower that no one knows. 

Main Characters:

Ryu Seung Ryong as Jang Joo Won

Joo Won is a single father who has a superpower of healing abilities. Joo Won owns a fried chicken shop and he is a former gangster turned NIS agent. His code name was Guryongpo.

Han Hyo Joo as Lee Mi Hyun

Mi Hyun is a single mother who has a superpower, her vision and hearing power are excellent. She was a former NIS intelligence analyst and now opened a tonkatsu restaurant.

Zo In Sung as Kim Doo Shik

Doo Shik is a NIS black agent whose code name is Moonsan, he has the superpower of flying. He is the husband of Mi-hyun and Bong-seok’s father.

Cha Tae Hyun as Jeon Gye Do

 Gye Do was a theater actor but now he works as a bus driver. He has the superpower of generating electricity.

Ryu Seung Beom as Frank

Frank is an American-raised killer, he has a superpower of healing. He works for the CIA and kills all the retired NIS agents and their children.

Kim Sung Kyun as Lee Jae Man

Jae Man is suffering from Mental health but he has superhuman strength and speed. He is the father of Kang Hoon.

Lee Jung Ha as Kim Bong Seok

Bong Seok is Mi Hyun and Doo Sik’s son, he inherited the superpower of flying, vision and hearing sense from his parents. He is a student of Class 3–3 at Jeongwon High School.

Go Youn Jung as Jang Hee Soo

Hee Soo is Ju-won’s daughter, she inherited his father’s ability to heal. She is Bong Seok’s classmate and friend.

Kim Do Hoon as Lee Kang Hoon

Kang Hoon is Jae Man’s son and the class leader of Class 3–3 at Jeongwon High School. He inherited his father’s superhuman strength and speed.

Highlights of Moving Korean Drama

Secret Superpower:

Kim Bong Seok is a high school student who has the superpower of flying but he has kept this secret from the whole world. He is sweet and kind like a normal day he was going to school but that day is different because on the bus he meet Jang Hee Soo, she is a transfer student. He can’t stop himself from staring at her and the moment his body touches her he starts floating but somehow he manages to calm down. In the school, Bong Seok finds out that Hee Soo is her classmate and they both become friends.

Mysterious Deaths:

On the other side, mysterious deaths were happening. Mi Hyun and Joo Won were monitoring social media and knew that their former NIS agents were being killed one by one. Mi Hyun has kept Bong Seok’s superpowers hidden, however, the mysterious deaths on social media make her anxious. She has hidden a gun at home for their protection as she knows that once anyone finds his son’s abilities the agency and enemies will be after them. Frank was killing former NIS agents one by one, he also had the superpower ability of healing so agents found it difficult to kill him. He killed three ex-agents, one who has superhuman strength, another who can control electricity, and the last one who has x-ray vision.

Developing The Next Generation:

Jeongwon High School is not an ordinary school, in that school, some students have different superpowers. Deputy Director Min has given the authority to run the school so that that can train the next generation who have the superpowers. Yong Jun finds out that the CIA is behind all the ex-agent’s deaths. He set up a meeting with CIA agents and they both were aware of each other “next-generation development”. Somehow Deputy Director Min and CIA agents agreed to pause the mission but it was a lie and he messaged Frank to kill the next target. Frank’s next target was Joo Won but in the end, Joo Won killed Frank.

Mission Exposed:

You can’t hide a secret forever one day or the other the world will come to know. The same happens in Jeongwon High School when Kang Hoon’s superpower is not hidden anymore. Han Byul is a vlogger and she loves to capture everything. One day when everyone was on the basketball court Hee Soo had an accident and to save her Kang Hoo used his superpower that moment was captured in Han Byul’s camera. Then she uploaded it to her social media and then everyone knows Kang Hoo’s superpower. When North Koreans came to know they sent their agents to begin their mission, they wanted the file of superpower students.

Overall Thoughts on Moving Korean Drama

Moving Korean drama is one of the best Korean dramas of 2023. The mystery-thriller drama is the story of high school students where some students have superpowers and they have to keep their powers hidden from others. All the characters are amazing and the actors did a brilliant job, but I like Hee Soo’s character as she is calm and kind. Ex-NIS agents were trying their best to hide their children’s superpowers as that don’t want their children also live the same lives that they once lived. Highly recommend moving Korean dramas, it is a must-watch. Now fans are waiting for season 2 as there’s no announcement from the team.

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