‘Moving’ Villain Yang Dong Geun Talks About Entering His ‘Third Prime’ at 44

Yang Dong Geun is overwhelmed by the huge success of the Disney+ series “Moving” and the appreciation of the viewers, especially for his role.

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As the webtoon-based K-drama said goodbye to viewers with a remarkable ending, the versatile star dished on his second heyday, such as getting notable characters at his age.

The 44-year-old actor graced Esquire Korea, where he delivered surprising transformations as he answered questions from the publication.

Yang Dong Geun was asked about his career, his experience filming “Moving,” and his upcoming projects.

Yang Dong Geun on Entering His ‘Third Prime’

With his unique charisma, Yang Dong Geun often plays as the antagonist in K-dramas. Viewers might have remembered him as Deputy Hong in “Yaksha: Ruthless Operation” and, of course, as the North Korean soldier Jung Joon Hwa in “Moving.”

Yang Doing Geun for Esquire Korea

(Photo : Yang Dong Geun Instagram)

Yang Dong Geun for Esquire Korea

(Photo : Yang Dong Geun Instagram)

During the interview, he revealed that he cried on the set of Disney+ because of one touching story.

As for his acting career, Yang Dong Geun said, “It feels like I’ve entered a third prime,” sharing that there have been a lot of changes in his attitude towards acting.

He has been in the acting industry for decades and has played tons of notable characters throughout his career.

However, it was only in “Moving” that Yang Dong Geun gained global fame for his portrayal of the North Korean soldier.


(Photo : Disney+ Korea)


(Photo : Disney+)

Interestingly, viewers will get to see more of Yang Dong Geun in the coming months as the actor will be participating in two highly-anticipated sequels.

First is the much-awaited return of “Hellbound” with its second sequel. The 44-year-old actor will join new cast members, playing interesting characters.

As for Yang Dong Geun, he will take on the role of the Sodo leader.

Adding to the list of his upcoming K-dramas is being a part of “Squid Game” season 2. He was introduced by Netflix, along with new cast members Im Siwan and Kang Ha Neul.

Did You Know? Yang Dong Geun Is Also a Rapper

Other than being a great actor, Yang Dong Geun started his career as a rapper and hip hop dancer and goes by the name of YDG.

On Instagram, he posts random dance covers, surprising fans with his amazing talent.

Meanwhile, Yang Dong Geun tells Esquiure Korea that he loves dancing so much that he acknowledges that social media had a good influence on him because he was able to relieve his passion.

“I was very impressed by the sight of elderly people dancing without being embarrassed, as well as young people dancing with great enjoyment,” he said.

As of this writing, Yang Dong Geun’s Instagram has more than 119,000 followers, and a slew of his videos include trending dance covers.