‘Moving’ Writer Reveals Why Jo In Sung is the First Person to Cast for the Series

“Moving” writer and webtoon creator Kang Full talks about how they cast the star-studded K-drama featuring notable celebrities like Jo In Sung, Han Hyo Joo, Ryu Seung Ryong, Cha Tae Hyun, and more.

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During his guest appearance on “MMTG,” the writer dishes on more secrets behind the hit Disney+ series.

Kang Full Says Jo In Sung Was the First Actor to Cast in ‘Moving’ 

Discussing the casting process, Kang Full revealed that he is also hands-on in selecting actors suited for the character.

As for his first pick, he personally chose Jo In Sung to be the first actor to join the series.

Jo In Sung in

(Photo : Disney+ Korea)

According to the “Moving” creator, he and the team were thankful that the top star said yes right away and agreed to play the role of Kim Doo Shik.

Kang Full said that they completed the deal in just one week.

“He said that he read the original webtoon in two days,” the writer mentioned, as mentioned by a media outlet, adding, “He said on the spot that he would [take the role].”

In the 20-episode K-drama, Kim Doo Shik plays a top-tier agent who belongs to the elite group called Black Ops.


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Jo In Sung Moving

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However, due to his encounter with the North Korean army, he put the NIS in a tough spot and became a fugitive along with Lee Mi Hyun, played by Han Hyo Joo.

Here, the couple lived under the radar along with their son, Kim Bong Seok, portrayed by Lee Jung Ha. 

While Jo In Sung’s casting process went smoothly, it was the complete opposite for Han Hyo Joo. 

How Did Kang Full Convinced Han Hyo Joo to Play ‘Moving’s’ Lee Mi Hyun? 

As for the lead actress, Kang Full confessed that Han Hyo Joo had some doubts about playing Lee Mi Hyun.

Even he was unsure if the actress would agree with the role because it portrays a middle-aged mother with superhuman power. 

Moving Still

(Photo : Disney Plus Korea)
Han Hyo Joo

According to Kang Full, he did his best to convince the actress; he even came in to a point where he mentioned Jo In Sung’s name. 

Thankfully, the actress agreed and perfectly portrayed the role of Kim Bong Seok’s badass mother. 

At the time of the premiere, viewers lauded Han Hyo Joo for her exceptional acting, especially playing the doting mother to a gifted son. 

‘Moving’ Finale Release Date


(Photo : Disney+)

After weeks of successful broadcast and creating a huge buzz on social media, viewers can’t get enough of the drama and thrill ride of “Moving.”

Unfortunately, the sci-fi thriller series is now in its final week, with Disney+ airing the last 3 episodes of “Moving.”

Interestingly, episodes 18 to 20 will air simultaneously on September 20 via Disney+ and Hulu.