Mukbanger Tzuyang reveals she’s been abused and exploited by her ex for the past four years

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Article: Mukbanger Tzuyang, “Ex-boyfriend assaulted and blackmailed me for four years, stole 4 billion won from me… coerced into trafficking”

Source: Chosun via Naver

[+1,197, -39] She always seemed like such a positive person, who knew such pain was hiding behind it all?… It must’ve been hell having to live through all of that, but she always smiled so beautifully on camera. None of us knew she was living in such a hell… Terrible of the YouTubers who took advantage of her with all this blackmail, tsk tsk.

[+651, -17] I can’t believe she’s made it this far. Four years of hell. I saw the recordings and the photos of her injuries, and it actually made me tear up. I hope she doesn’t think any dark thoughts. Why has our country become overrun with so many thugs lately? Not only is her ex terrible, but all those YouTubers who took advantage of her in this situation with the blackmail… And the audacity of her ex to k*ll himself after she took legal action. Why do any of that if that’s how you’re going to go out in the end?

[+604, -92] He commit s*icide…

[+207, -7] Her ex was seriously the worst… he did every bad crime under the sun…

[+173, -6] A worthless human like him should at least be sold for scraps to help pay off all this debt and force three generations of his family into paying it all off. Death shouldn’t be a way out for people like him.

[+43, -1] Her ex would rather escape to hell than pay the price of his crimes on earth. Pathetic coward to the end… I hope Tzuyang’s able to forget her hellish days and live a happy life as a YouTuber achieving all that she hopes to do.

[+27, -1] Couldn’t believe my ears when I heard how many men were involved in the exploitation of this young woman… a lawsuit is not enough, a full on police investigation should be started

[+18, -1] I remember noticing a bruise on her arm once and wondered what that was from ㅡㅡ so obvious that her ex avoided hitting her face to keep her on camera now that we know

[+15, -1] I always thought there was something so sad about her face no matter how cute she looked…