“My Demon” Displays First Stills of Kim Yoo Jung As Snobbish Heiress

Kim Yoo Jung transforms into the world’s most pompous scion in My Demon!

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My Demon follows the contract marriage between the devilish conglomerate heiress and the demon who lost his powers. It is a contract with the devil that gives finite happiness yet leads to hell.

A soul-securing salvation romance with a sweet but dangerous devil brings a whole new level of excitement to this new fantasy romance series.

Kim Yoo Jung plays Do Hee, an heiress to a chaebol group who does not trust anyone and falls in love with the devil. Although she is harsh on the outside, she is soft on the inside, and although she looks delicate, she is a strong person.

Song Kang plays the role of Jung Gu-won, a flawless and deadly demon. Having reigned as a top predator for over 200 years while belittling humans, he becomes entangled with Do-hee and suddenly loses his abilities. He must protect her to prevent extinction.

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Do-hee’s sweet and salty charms

Putting forward character stills of Do Do-hee, Kim Yoo Jung assimilates to her new character who has sweet and salty charms.

Do-hee is a person who is surrounded by enemies on all sides but realizes the truth of the world early on and becomes cool-headed. She is also cynical in love. It is said that she enters into a contract with the ‘devil’ Gu-won and undergoes a change beyond her imagination. One wonders whether Gu-won who appeared before Do-hee will be a ‘savior’ or a ‘destroyer’.

In the released photos, Do-hee’s elegant yet chic charisma draws attention. As the CEO of Mirae Group affiliate Mirae F&B, her professionalism and skillful understanding of her work attract attention. She is a workaholic CEO who only cares about work.

Correspondingly, Do-hee’s gorgeous visuals captured at an event also draw interest. Even when someone greets her, the arrogant look in her eyes arouses curiosity. Do-hee’s smile on the podium shows her straight confidence. Her undisturbed appearance seems to reveal the extraordinary ‘evil magic’ that has maintained her position.

In this way, Do Hee, who does not give up her heart, raises curiosity about the story of why she entered into a contract marriage with the ‘devil’ Guwon, whom she unexpectedly encountered.

My Demon

Kim Yoo Jung reveals the reason for choosing My Demon as her latest work.

The story of the character Do Do-hee and the chemistry with the people around her were interesting. Each of the characters was attractive. The charm of the work is that Do-hee and Gu-won show a push-and-pull moment where they seem to be caught by each other.”

The actress also shares her characterization process for Do-hee.

Do Do-hee looks cynical and cool on the outside, but she is a lonely character. I tried to express through various aspects how she has lived to protect herself. When Do-hee meets Guwon, she goes through a lot.

My Demon premieres at 10 PM on November 24 on SBS. International fans can watch it on Netflix.


Source: joynews24