My Demon Episode 1 Recap and Review: Can a Demon and an Heiress Fall in Love?

My Demon Episode 1 Recap and Review: The much-awaited My Demon (마이 데몬) series is finally here, and we are absolutely thrilled about it. It is directed by Kim Jang-han, and Kwon Da-som and written by Choi Ah-il. Kim Yoo-jung, Song Kang, Lee Sang-yi, and Kim Hae-sook will play primary roles in this series. The show is produced by Lee Jae-woo, Yoon Geon-hee and Ahn Young-in, and the production houses are Studio S and Binge Works.

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My Demon now claims the Friday and Saturday 22:00 time slot on SBS, succeeding the broadcast previously held by The Escape of the Seven.

We have previously seen Kim Yoo Jung in successful ventures like Love in the Moonlight, Backstreet Rookie, Lovers of the Red Sky, etc. And, we have seen our hero Song Kang in series like Love Alarm, Sweet Home, Navillera, Nevertheless, etc.

– My Demon Episode 1 Review Contains Spoilers –

My Demon Episode 1 Recap and Review

My Demon Episode 1 Recap

The series starts with a priest in the Joseon era chanting sermons in front of devotees in a church. But that is when a mysterious figure comes inside, and he is not at all welcomed there as everyone else flees from the terror of his presence. Only a small girl dares to throw a wooden cross at him, but that wound also heals in no time.

My Demon Episode 1 Recap and Review Can A Demon And An Heiress Fall In Love

Then we see this mysterious individual going up to a fisherman and promising him a bountiful life without any shortage of food only if he seals a deal with him. Here, we get to know that this powerful being is a demon or an evil spirit who makes contracts with humans, and after a period of 10 years collects their souls and sends them to hell.

In the present time, we meet Do Do-hee, who is a chaebol heiress with a no-nonsense attitude. She is also one of the youngest CEOs to break into the market and become successful in her ventures. Though she is an independent woman, she still follows the words of her adopted guardian like a god’s will. Thus, only because of the chairwoman, Do-hee goes on a blind date for just 30 minutes.

My Demon Episode 1 Recap and Review Can A Demon And An Heiress Fall In Love

Obviously, this is where she mixes up the place and lands in front of our hero, Jung Gu-won, who just wants a quiet time for himself. Misunderstandings happen, and Do-hee gets properly charmed by Gu-won’s face but also gets a healthy dose of his arrogant attitude.

On the other hand, we also see someone not only trying to sabotage Do-hee’s company but also trying to kill her with the help of an assassin. This becomes a serious issue when the assassin reveals that Do-hee is getting murdered because of the chairwoman, Joo Cheon-sook. We will most definitely get more info on this in the next episode.

Toward the end, we see how the fate of Do-hee and Gu-won will get entangled and how both will have to rely on each other so that they can escape the new problem they landed themselves in.

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My Demon Episode 1 Review

My Demon Episode 1 Recap and Review Can A Demon And An Heiress Fall In Love

The first episode really impressed me with the casting and the direction. No one would have been a better option than Song Kang to play the cocky yet sensual demon who loves his job. It is a refreshing concept that someone who is immortal for once is really relishing the fact that he can do whatever he wants with the unlimited power he has.

Kim Yoo-jung, on the other hand, is also gorgeous in portraying the successful businesswoman, who is trying her best to get over her sad past. The chemistry between these two is really good, and they both become a perfect match, be it in their haughty attitudes or being absolutely confident about themselves. They very well can become a power couple, and I have high hopes for them.

As for the first episode, this was a good start with a straightforward narration. The story does showcase some mystery but nothing too extraordinary. All in all, this was a really interesting and entertaining episode, and I would love to see more of it.

My Demon Kdrama is streaming on Netflix.

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