“My Demon” Episode 12 Unravels Heartbreaking Love Story From The Past

Gu-won’s human life is finally revealed in the 12th episode of My Demon. Given another chance to be with the woman he holds dear in his heart, he is determined to make the odds in his favor.

Meanwhile, Madam Ju’s death’s investigation reaches another dead end.

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My Demon Episode 12 Highlights

With his power back, Gu-won now confronts his recurring dream of his human life.

A trip to the past reveals Gu-won’s human life as Seo Yi-sun. He is a son of nobility who is sheltered and famous for slacking in his studies.

He meets Wolsim, a pretty new gisaeng in town while she is practicing sword dance and from there he is smitten. Little by little, they grow closer and they both become drawn to the new faith introduced in Joseon. A religion that does not discriminate against social class.

However, after promising to finish schooling in Hanyang so he can marry Wolsim, Yi-sun returns to the sight of her being killed. She was sacrificed as a believer in the Christian faith. After killing all the people in the scene, he also killed himself.


“I’ll show you that love can save a person. If we must sink into the depths of misery, I’d gladly do so with you.”

Just as the result of who killed Madam Ju came out so did the news that Noh Do-kyung committed suicide. Noh Suk-min pleads Do-hee to stay mum in the situation but she is suspicious of the incident.

Reclaiming his human memories, it bugs Gu-won that he is the reason why Wolsim died.

On the day of Ga-young’s last dance performance, Gu-won confesses to Do-hee about the memories he got from his dream.

He shared Wolsim’s story and his regret that he was the reason why she died. Painfully he shares his fears that he might make Do-hee miserable. But she reassures him that a life without him would be miserable. And that she is willing to be miserable together.

Holding Do-hee’s hand tightly, Gu-won is determined to change their ill fate to claim a happy ending.

My Demon Episode 12 Musings

Now that Gu-won’s human life is unveiled, the revelation that he made a contract with Do-hee’s father or mother adds a twist to the plot.

As hinted previously in the previous episodes, the truth behind Do-hee’s parents’ death might involve Madam Ju. Whether she is a perpetrator or she covered for her son she deemed evil is yet to be known.

We can also foresee Do-kyung’s mom possibly making a redeeming moment against her husband.

As we brace ourselves for the last two weeks, let’s hope that Gu-won’s happy ending wish will come true.

Follow how love sweetly blossoms between a devil and a devilish woman in My Demon. International fans can watch it on Netflix.

Photos: SBS Drama