‘My Demon’ Episode 14: Song Kang Makes Big Sacrifice to Save Kim Yoo Jung From Hell

Due to the crisis that Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung) was facing, Jung Gu Won (Song Kang) decided to save her from hell in “My Demon” episode 14.

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‘My Demon’ Episode 14: Noh Seok Min Busted by Jung Gu Won

My Demon Still
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Kim Tae Hoon

Noh Seok Min tried to strangle Do Do Hee. Fortunately, Jung Gu Won arrived to save her. He then dragged Seok Min to a tower and threatened to throw him off. When he learned that his wife Se Ra betrayed him, he decided to take his own life to escape hell.

The next day, the news about Seok Min killing his mother Madam Ju made headlines and everyone was shocked by the truth. Do Do Hee, on the other hand, revealed to Gu Won and Ju Seok Hoon (Lee Sang Yi) what Seok Min had told her about Madam Ju killing her parents.

Ju Seok Hoon told her not to believe anything Seok Min said. That night, Gu Won accompanied his wife and reassured her to stay by his side.

My Demon Still
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Kim Yoo Jung

The following day, despite the chaos in the office, Do Do Hee tried to compose herself and handled everything as she already had a lot on her plate.

Meanwhile, Ga Young visited Seok Hoon and gave him a ticket to her last performance as she felt guilty for deceiving him. They also shared a meal.

Do Do Hee Devastated to Know Truths About Her Parents & Madam Ju

My Demon Still
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Kim Yoo Jung

Se Ra visited Jung Gu Won and returned the demon manual. She revealed that what Seok Min said about Do Do Hee’s parents might be true. Back in the office, Do Do Hee was preoccupied with a lot of things.

She couldn’t believe that Madam Ju, whom she trusted the most, killed her parents. Thus, she began to investigate the incident. She then came across an article saying that Seok Min’s body had still not been found.

After learning new information from her secretary about Madam Ju, Do Do Hee went to Madam Ju’s office with Gu Won. There she found her bible and decided to go to the church that Madam Ju always visits.

The moment they saw the priest, Gu Won already had a bad feeling about him but waited to give Do Hee and the priest privacy.

The priest revealed how the night of the accident, Madam Ju fought with Do Do Hee’s parents regarding some hazardous decisions she made about the company. Her father promised to expose her, and hence, Madam Ju chased their car when they tried to escape.

Song Kang
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But that was when the accident happened. Gu Won came and revealed that Do Hee’s father was the one who made a contract with him 10 years ago. The whole scene was seen by Madam Ju, who correctly guessed Gu Won as a demon. He tried to make a deal with her as well, but that was when Do Hee’s parents’ car exploded.

Do Do Hee was devastated after hearing the tragic truth. She broke down after arriving home. After comforting her, Gu Won went to the church to confront the priest, and that was when he learned more about the whole ordeal and the deal he made with Do Hee’s father.

Jung Gu Won Sacrifices Himself for Do Do Hee

Do Do Hee went to the Sunwol Foundation and waited for Jung Gu Won. While waiting for him, a lady with bags full of money rushed to the office, desperately trying to give all the riches back to Gu Won so she could live longer. But Gu Won took his life and fulfilled the deal.

After seeing the gruesome scene, Do Do Hee left and met with Seok Hoon. Jung Gu Won, on the other hand, went to God and accepted her offer as he found himself the reason for Do Hee’s unhappiness. He chose to sacrifice his life for Do Hee to escape hell.