My Demon Episode 5 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch!

My Demon Episode 5 Preview: In the fourth episode, Do-hee proposes to Gu-won, who rejects her, leading to a series of events. We also see Gu-won gradually remembering his past, hinting at a possible royal connection. The story then unfolds with Do-hee and Gu-won navigating their growing relationship, marked by awkwardly romantic moments. 

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This series is directed by Kim Jang-han and Kwon Da-som and written by Choi Ah-il. Kim Yoo-jung, Song Kang, Lee Sang-yi, and Kim Hae-sook will play lead roles in this series. The show is produced by Lee Jae-woo, Yoon Geon-hee and Ahn Young-in, and the production houses are Studio S and Binge Works.

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My Demon now claims the Friday and Saturday 22:00 time slot on SBS, succeeding the broadcast previously held by The Escape of the Seven.

We have previously seen Kim Yoo-jung in successful ventures like Love in the Moonlight, Backstreet Rookie, Lovers of the Red Sky, etc., while Song Kang was last seen in dramas like Love Alarm, Sweet Home, Navillera, Nevertheless, etc.

My Demon Episode 5 Preview

My Demon Plot

My Demon follows the tale of Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung), a formidable heiress whose cynical view of love is upended when she enters a contract marriage with Jung Gu-won (Song Kang), a centuries-old demon accustomed to preying on humans. Do Do-hee’s icy demeanour clash with Jung Gu-won’s disdain for humanity, yet an unexpected twist sees him lose his demonic powers? In a bid to ensure his survival, Jung Gu-won must now protect Do Do-hee, who inadvertently holds the key to his existence.

As the demon and heiress navigate their unconventional alliance, the series unveils a complex web of emotions, blending fleeting moments of happiness with an inevitable descent into chaos. Do Do-hee wrestles with changes in her life, discovering vulnerabilities beneath her tough exterior. Simultaneously, Jung Gu-won, once a predator, finds himself entangled in a romantic development with Do Do-hee.

My Demon Episode 5 Preview When, Where and How to Watch!

My Demon unfolds a riveting saga that transcends the conventional boundaries of romance, interweaving the supernatural and the human experience. With each episode, the series promises not only a spellbinding exploration of the mystical contract marriage but also a profound reflection on the nature of love, power, and the choices that shape destinies.

My Demon Cast

You will see many talented actors here like, Kim Yoo-jung as Do Do-hee, Song Kang as Jung Gu-won, Lee Sang-yi as Joo Seok-hoon, Kim Hae-sook as Joo Cheon-sook, Kim Tae-hoon as Noh Seok-min, Lee Yoon-ji as Noh Soo-an, Jo Yeon-hee as Kim Se-ra, Kang Seung-ho as Noh Do-kyung, Park Do-yoon as Austin, Kang Da-on as Justin, etc.

My Demon Episode List

This fantasy romantic comedy series will have 16 episodes. 

Where to Watch My Demon 

My Demon Episode 5 Preview When, Where and How to Watch!

The series will be released on SBS every week on Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM KST and will stream on Netflix as well.

My Demon Episode 5 Indian Release Date and Time

The South Korean TV series episodes will air from November 24, 2023, to January 13, 2024, and the runtime is expected to be around 50-60 minutes. Episode 5 of the series will air on December 8th on Netflix at 8:00 PM IST.

My Demon Episode 5 Prediction

In the next episode, we will see Gu-won being confused about his feelings for Do-hee. Even though he fell in love with her, he will try to deny his attraction to her. He will also get jealous of Seok-hoon as he too, is in love with Do-hee. We will finally see more romance from the next episode.

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My Demon Episode 4 Recap

In this episode, Do-hee proposes to Gu-won, but he says no. Do-hee feels embarrassed and leaves the funeral. Surprisingly, Gu-won follows her to protect her. In Cheon-sook’s office, her kids try to change her decision to give everything to Do-hee, but they can’t. Seok-min remembers how he went to jail in the past for hitting someone with a car and blames his mother for it. On the way home, Do-hee tries to downplay the proposal as a joke in front of Gu-won to avoid embarrassment. Later, Seok-hoon visits Do-hee, warning her not to put herself in danger and asking about Gu-won. Seok-hoon is unhappy that Do-hee proposed to Gu-won because he also likes her.

My Demon Episode 5 Preview When, Where and How to Watch!

Do-hee discovers her rejection by Gu-won has become internet news. She insists on meeting Gu-won, and they share heartfelt moments after some funny interactions. This makes Gu-won care more for her. At home, Do-hee reads a letter from Cheon-sook explaining why she added a marriage condition to her will; so Do-hee won’t feel lonely at the top. During the funeral, Gu-won watches over Do-hee from a distance. Gu-won starts remembering his past, hinting at a royal connection. He and his butler think he might start ageing because he’s becoming more human. Gu-won tries to hold Do-hee’s hands to avoid ageing.

Do-hee learns about Gu-won’s situation, and they agree to hold hands at specific times to recharge him. They share awkwardly romantic moments while Gu-won tries to use his powers to find the killer. Unfortunately, he can’t because he didn’t see the killer’s face. The killer receives a text from someone named Abraxas, instructing them to release a hunting dog.

The goon’s underlings, whose soul was taken by Gu-won, try to find him. They get a tip from Do-hee’s killer, pretending to be a waiter. In Cheon-sook’s office, the same mysterious figure threatened by her is revealed to be a relative who killed her.

Gu-won takes Do-hee to a welcome party where he can hold her hands freely. When asked why he rejected Do-hee, Gu-won boldly says he likes her but won’t marry her because you don’t marry pigs if you like pork. This hurts Do-hee, and she leaves after a fight. Gu-won gets cornered by goons, but Do-hee saves him, and they defeat the goons by dancing the tango. While dancing, Gu-won realizes he’s falling for her.

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