“My Husband Is Truly Cool”

Jiyeon shed tears while watching her husband, KT Wiz baseball player Hwang Jaekyun’s record.

On September 14th, a video titled “Just Another Day” was uploaded to Jiyeon’s YouTube channel.

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Jiyeon visited an outlet to buy a gift for Hwang Jaekyun ahead of his record-breaking achievement. When Jiyeon mentioned that she didn’t have any particular desire to buy something, a friend teased her, “Don’t you want Hwang Jaekyun?” Jiyeon responded with a smile, saying, “He’s already mine.”


While browsing through a clothing store, Jiyeon found some stylish outfits and said, “Lately, he has gained a lot of confidence in his dancing.” Her friend found it amusing and said, “It’s funny that you’re choosing clothes for him to wear while dancing.” Jiyeon affectionately referred to him as a “dancing machine.

Jiyeon bought Nintendo Dance and games as a gift for her husband and explained, “He’s totally addicted to ‘Just Dance.’ He’s really into dancing. Everyone is surprised by how well he dances.”


Shortly after arriving at the stadium, Jiyeon held Hwang Jaekyun’s uniform and cheered, “Let’s go. You can do it.” Then, Hwang Jaekyun achieved his 18th career 2,000 hits record. Jiyeon shed tears of joy. She said, “I got choked up. Tears welled up. Am I someone who cries easily? It’s such an incredible record. He’s truly amazing and cool.”

Despite Hwang Jaekyun’s achievement, the game ended in KT Wiz’s defeat. Jiyeon and Hwang Jaekyun later celebrated his record together in a low-key manner.

Source: nate