‘My Lovely Boxer’ Episode 11: Lee Sang Yeob Hides Real Feelings for Kim So Hye

Kim Tae Young showed affectionate gestures to Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye). His battle against Oh Bok also continued in “My Lovely Boxer” episode 11.

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‘My Lovely Boxer’ Episode 11: Kim Tae Young Hides True Feelings for Lee Kwon Sook

In “My Lovely Boxer” episode 11, Kim Tae Young receives a confession from Lee Kwon Sook but immediately draws a line as it will be dangerous for her to be involved with him.

In response to his rejection, Kwon Sook smiled at him and told him her decision to do the match without any regrets.

My Lovely Boxer

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Meanwhile, Tae Young was shocked to know that the police failed to arrest Kim Oh Bok (Park Ji Hwan) and caught his subordinate Yang Bok Nam, instead. He then started to get curious about the chairman’s identity.

Later on, he visited Coach Yang and revealed the full story of the match-fixing incident, and then informed him of his plan to turn himself in.

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Chul Yong sensed Kwon Sook’s feelings and asked Tae Young if he liked her. He then confessed his feelings for her and favored Chul Yong to take care of Kwon Sook.

Oh Bok’s Match-Fixing Plan for Lee Kwon Sook Makes Kim Tae Young Anxious

When Oh Bok’s match-fixing plan was on the verge of failing, Tae Young approached Soo Yeon and made sure to keep the female boxer safe against the opponent. As the match began, Kwon Sook caught the attention of everyone by performing a spectacular match with the player suggested by Oh Bok.

My Lovely Boxer

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The opponent fell after Kwon Sook gave her an uppercut, suddenly she tripped Kwon Sook, knocked her down, and punched her repeatedly, turning the boxing arena into chaos.

After he heard that Kwon Sook was injured, Kim Tae Young showed his worries and asked Ho Jung to keep his eyes on her until the match was over.

Kim Tae Young Worries About Lee Kwon Sook

Kim Tae Young rushed to check Kwon Sook’s injured ankle, making her heart flutter with his affectionate appearance. She asked him to come to her last match. She was surprised when Tae Young hugged her and apologized for giving her hard times.

My Lovely Boxer

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But she assured him that he did not do anything, she was even grateful for meeting him as her life changed for good.

During the weigh-in, Kwon Sook gained the interest of the reporters after expressing her confidence and determination to win the last match. On the day of the match, Tae Young tried to calm Kwon Sook and hold her hands.

As the game was about to start, Tae Young found Oh Bok and was anxious as he might do something to Kwon Sook. Upon seeing him, Tae Young went to Kwon Sook and gave her a warm hug before entering the ring.

He covered her worried face by cheering for her and showered her with comforting words before leaving the waiting room. Tae Young then called the police and turned himself in, at that moment, his phone was taken away by the men sent by Oh Bok, creating extreme suspense among the audience.

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