‘My Lovely Boxer’ Episode 7: Lee Sang Yeob & Kim So Hye Shaken Up by Devastating News

Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye) and Kim Tae Young (Lee Sang Yeob) faced a crisis one after another in “My Lovely Boxer” episode 7.

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‘My Lovely Boxer’ Episode 7: Kim Tae Young Prepares Lee Kwon Sook to Sign With New American Agency

In “My Lovely Boxer” episode 7, Kim Tae Young returned home where Lee Kwon Sook stays and slept with a broken body. The female boxer was surprised to find him full of wounds. With a worried face, she immediately treated his wounds and carefully took care of him. 

My Lovely Boxer

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Han Ah Reum (Chae Won Bin), who signed an official agent contract with Jung Soo Yeon (Ha Seung Ri) was eager to defeat Lee Kwon Sook. 

Kim Tae Young, who was secretly preparing for Lee Kwon Sook’s advance to the U.S., changed plans to lose the title match against Ah Reum. He confessed to Choi Ho Joong (Kim Hee Chan) that Kwon Sook should receive a decision plate so she can box with her natural talent and return to boxing anytime she wants without any worries. 

Lee Kwon Sook Broken Hearted by Han Jae Min’s Confession

My Lovely Boxer

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Elsewhere, Lee Kwon Sook visited the kindergarten for the first time at the request of Han Jae Min (Kim Jin Woo) and showed a boxing demo in front of the kids. After spending time with her former student, she was confused by Jae Min’s proposal to go to another agent with him after the title match.

My Lovely Boxer

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Since he couldn’t reach Kwon Sook, Jae Min visited her and asked again to reconsider switching agencies. She frankly asked him if he would meet her even if she quit boxing. Kwon Sook was heartbroken to know that Jae Min only dated her because of boxing.

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Kim Tae Young, who learned what happened, prepared a break time for Kwon Sook. He bought her food and tried to console her by saying that there’s a better person somewhere for her.

Unfortunately, Kwon Sook’s agony did not end yet as she found out that Kim Tae Young was preparing her to enter the boxing industry in the U.S. She confronted him and said he betrayed her. 

Kim Tae Young Lost His Best Friend Kim Hee Won

My Lovely Boxer

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The two caused tension with their confrontation. As soon as the argument between them grew, shocking news broke out announcing that Kim Hee Won (Choi Jae Woong) was found dead in his accommodation and left a suicide note. 

Kim Tae Young called Kim Hee Won as if he could not believe it. 

As the second part of “My Lovely Boxer” began, the interest of the viewers grew as the conflict and confrontation between Kim Tae Young and Lee Kwon Sook reached its peak over the more sweeping story development and title match. 

In addition, the match-fixing scandal has also surfaced due to Kim Hee Won’s sudden death. Attention is focused on the lead characters and what action they are going to take amid the challenging times they are facing.

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