‘My Lovely Boxer’ Episode 8: Lee Sang Yeob Investigates Choi Jae Woong’s Death

In “My Lovely Boxer” episode 8, Kim Tae Young (Lee Sang Yeob) began tracking down the truth about Kim Hee Won’s death (Choi Jae Woong).

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‘My Lovely Boxer’ Episode 8: Kim Tae Young Grieves Kim Hee Won’s Death

Kim Tae Young locked himself in a room as he grieved for his friend Hee Won. He headed to the funeral hall immediately, which was already crowded with reporters, and Jung Soo Yeon (Ha Seung Ri) blocked him from entering.

My Lovely Boxer

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She confessed to Tae Young that Hee Won suffered from match-fixing before his death. Realizing that Hee Won tried to protect him until the last moment, he went to Kim Oh Bok (Park Ji Hwan) and found his friend’s photo inside the office and poured out his anger.

Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye) stood by Tae Young, who returned with a tired face. He was in pain and stopped Kwon Sook from getting near him.

The boxer then proceeded to shoot the title match poster without Tae Young and devoted herself to training. She was worried about Tae Young, who was trapped in a tunnel of sadness all day, but when there was nothing she could do for him, she decided to ask Soo Yeon’s help.

My Lovely Boxer

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Soo Yeon rushed to Tae Young’s house and gave him a tight hug to console him.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwon Sook, who saw the two, returned to her room and shed tears.

Lee Kwon Sook Tries to Console Kim Tae Young

The next day, she met the old couple again and shared about Tae Young’s situation and she had nothing she could do for him. The grandfather advised her to just do what she could do and continue to be there for him.

My Lovely Boxer

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Kwon Sook arrived home and woke up Tae Young. He reached out to her as if he had consoled himself. She prepared food for him and took him to the boxing gym.

Amid their play, Tae Young took the chance to let out his emotions. He started to cry and opened his heart to Kwon Sook, who was there to console him.

Kim Tae Young Requests for Investigation to Unveil Truth Behind Kim Hee Won’s Death

Tae Young confessed that he started to investigate Kim Hee Won’s death. He requested reports related to Hee Won and decided to visit Soo Yeon and take a leave of absence to focus on his investigation.

My Lovely Boxer

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He visited Yang, who was involved in the match-fixing game and uncovered more truths. He Tae Young collected evidence, such as secretly recording director Yang’s voice confessing about Oh Bok’s whereabouts and Kim Hee Won’s innocence.

Meanwhile, before the episode concluded, Tae Young took Kwon Sook back to her father and explained his plans for her. Kwon Sook was frustrated and sad at the same time by Tae Young’s decision.

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