‘My Lovely Boxer’ Episode 9: Kim So Hye Decides to Proceed With the Title Match Without Lee Sang Yeob

My Lovely Boxer

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(Photo : KBS Entertainment)

Even though Kim Tae Young (Lee Sang Yeob) parted ways with Lee Kwon Sook, the female boxer decided to continue with the match even without him in “My Lovely Boxer” episode 9.

‘My Lovely Boxer’ Episode 9: Lee Cheol Yong Apologizes to Lee Kwon Sook

In “My Lovely Boxer” episode 9, Lee Cheol Yong (Kim Hyeong Mook) asked Lee Kwon Sook, who returned home after three years, to stay at home until the title match was over, and offered a sincere apology for giving her a hard time.

My Lovely Boxer

(Photo : KBS Entertainment)

Kwon Sook, on the other hand, did not understand Tae Young’s intention to quit. To clear things out, she went to the S&P agency to meet him.

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When she met him, he was about to submit his resignation letter and used the chance to reveal her true feelings for him. Tae Young tried to hide his pain by acting cool to terminate their contract so she would not have a penalty.

My Lovely Boxer

(Photo : KBS Entertainment)

Later on, Kim Tae Young visited reporter Park, who was preparing an article for match-fixing sports, and asked him to hand over all the evidence he had so he could catch Oh Bok (Park Ji Hwan) and Chairman Nam.

Meanwhile, Han Jae Min (Kim Jin Woo) visited Cheol Yong’s restaurant with the kindergarten teachers and gave Kwon Sook a sincere apology for unintentionally hurting her and confessed his feelings for her are true.

Lee Kwon Sook Decides to Proceed With Title Match Even Without Kim Tae Young

Ahead of her title match against Han Ah Reum (Chae Won Bin), Lee Kwon Sook was worried about whether she should play the match without Tae Young.

Upon seeing Ah Reum’s fierce appearance while preparing for the match by working part-time despite her uncomfortable body, Kwon Sook made a promise that she would proceed with the match even without Tae Young, as she can’t ruin someone’s life again.

My Lovely Boxer

(Photo : KBS Entertainment)

Elsewhere, Kim Tae Young was able to track Oh Bok and Chairman Nam, and was angry to know what they did to Kim Hee Won’s wife. He visited Baekban resto where Oh Bok took him and baited the resto owner by asking him about Oh Bok’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwon Sook recalled what Tae Young promised to her to go see the Baobab tree together during her birthday. Tae Young, on the other hand, remembered Kwon Sook’s birthday while he was having a business meeting with Coach Yang.

Kim Tae Young Faces New Crisis

Later on, Tae Young received a message from Oh Bok, a photo of the fruit shop run by Tae Young’s mother. Upon seeing this, tension escalated, and immediately went to check on his mother.

However, when he arrived, a stranger was standing in front of her, which raised curiosity about the next episode.

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