My Lovely Liar Episode 15 Reactions: DoSol Couple’s Happy Ending, Healthy Character Developments and More Result in “Beautiful Writing”

My Lovely Liar Episode 15 reactions (소용없어 거짓말) are rolling out on X (formerly Twitter) before the K-drama’s final episode broadcast slated for tomorrow. Having aired on tvN on September 18, 2023, this episode obviously had room only for all good things and happy moments with the essential mystery plot of the series already resolved. The mystery romantic drama series written by Seo Jeong-eu, and directed by Nam Sung-woo stars Kim So-hyun and Hwang Min-hyun in lead roles, and their characters of Mok Sol-hee and Kim Do-ha became instant favourites right after the first few episodes.

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With a total of 16 episodes in the tank, the series is reaching closer and closer to its finish line by the minute. All through its journey, the show and its characters led by an impressive cast and the loveable chemistry between the titular onscreen couple have kept the audience coming back for more each week since July 31. The complex mystery track of the series eventually gave way to a stirring plot twist as well, which even though had been estimated by some viewers, still left their mouths wide open in amazement.

My Lovely Liar Episode 15 Reactions: Kim So-hyun and Hwang Min-hyun.

Other than the two overt themes of the touch of mystery and romance saga, the Korean series has also encouraged viewers to set their standards for healthy relationships high. Each episode has further fuelled the argument around growing positive character developments, steering away from the stereotypical toxicity of love triangles and whatnot. (here the love triangle was between Min-hyun’s Do-ha, So-hyun’s Sol-hee and Seo Ji-hoon’s Kang-min), as is often seen in the majority of K-dramas out there.

Establishing itself as a unique addition to the list, My Lovely Liar‘s plot initially mainly revolved around So-hyun’s Mok Sol-hee, a woman with super-abilities allowing her to hear other people’s lies, who deemed her powers to be a curse for herself. Whereas, Min-hyun’s, Kim Do-ha was to be a famous composer and also a murder suspect. And yet, as can be seen from the viewers’ undying appreciation of the series, the show has grown into so much more than what it first presented itself to be.

Episode 15 particularly brought in a bunch of endearing moments shared between Do-ha and Sol-hee, together known as the DoSol Couple, which not only had the viewers squealing from across the screen, but even had the characters themselves blushing with embarrassment. Other than the obvious cuteness of the couple and the much-loved chemistry between Min-hyun and So-hyun, fans of the show have also taken note of how the drama “explores the themes of regret, remorse, forgiveness and apologising”, and further appreciated the show’s writing for portraying the healthy side of relationships that are fuelled by communication.

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With many characters finally apologising to Do-ha, viewers have already found a satisfying end to the story ahead of the finale, which though they’re nowhere close to accepting will be aired tomorrow, thus bringing an end to “one of the best Kdramas”, as one X user tweeted. Many have even thought highly of how Deuk-chan (Yoon Ji-on) wasn’t reduced to a mere cold-blooded antagonist and how the show rather made his story easy to sympathise with, thereby adding a humane touch to that subplot addressing his initially closeted feelings for Do-ha.

The final episode’s preview has also teased the possibility of Do-ha proposing Sol-hee and the simple idea of them getting married has got the viewers soaring high with anticipation and elation. Rest we will find out tomorrow. Stay tuned for the next episode, but till then check out how netizens responded to the penultimate addition to the season.

My Lovely Liar Episode 15 Reactions

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My Lovely Liar Kdrama aired every Monday-Tuesday at 8:50PM KST on the South Korean TV network tvN, but is now ready to close its chapter for good. International audiences can stream its episodes on Viki and Viu in select regions.

What do you think will happen in the final episode? Let us know your theories in the comments section below.

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