“My Lovely Liar” Episodes 13 and 14 Reveals Disappointing Truth About The Real Culprit

Finally liberating himself from a bad stigma from his past, Do-ha came to terms with his withheld emotions in the penultimate week of My Lovely Liar!

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Unfortunately, he also had to deal with a disheartening truth about the real murderer of his ex-girlfriend.

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My Lovely Liar

My Lovely Liar Episodes 13 and 14 Highlights

Previously, Do-ha and Sol-hee find Eom-ji’s father at a gambling den in Hakcheon. But he denies killing his daughter and recognizes Jae-chan as Eom-ji’s stalker.

Jae-chan eacapes the scene but later gets cornered by Do-ha. However, Sol-hee was not able to confirm the truth about him joking that he killed Eom-ji.

Paying a visit to Deuk-chan, Do-ha asks Sol-hee that he will do it alone. Unfortunately, his friend throws their we-helped-you-in-the-past card and denies his brother would do such a thing.

Meanwhile, Kang-min does his own probing. He acquires the ring found on Eom-ji from the detective who initially worked on the case and learns how another ring was made.
Tipped that Jae-chan was captured, Do-ha and Sol-hee go to the place only to realize that Deuk-chan paid the gangsters.

“This is not your ring. It’s the culprit ring.”

Aligning his focus to the investigation, Kang-min takes Do-ha’s advice of not finding clues to prove he is the culprit.

His recent delving of the ring found on Eom-ji proves someone very close to him reordered the ring since Do-ha threw his ring at the sea.

When he meets Kang-min with Sol-hee proving the validity of his words, they conclude that someone planted a new ring after killing Eom-ji.

Deciding to meet Deuk-chan, Do-ha asked Sol-hee if that he wants to become his client. They meet at the jazz bar and Deuk-chan reveals that Jae-chan will turn himself in.

Clearing his name, Do-ha meets his mother and conveys his long-held emotions of how he needs her as a mother.

The neighborhood arranges a party for Do-ha, and he appreciates the kindness of the people.

My Lovely Liar

“Don’t be quick to dump a friend of 15 years.”

Later, Do-ha also meets Deuk-chan to talk about Jae-chan and the latter confesses knowing his brother killed Eom-ji a little after her body was discovered.

Learning that he is going through a divorce case, Do-ha offers any kind of help knowing he has a lot of misfortunes on his plate. Sol-hee advises him that his friendship with Deuk-chan is something worth keeping. She narrates how she never had a friend she could rant her woes with because of her ability to detect lies.

Kang-min who investigates Jae-chan’s case finds something inconsistencies in his answers. It leads him to seek Sol-hee’s help. She meets Jae-chan and learns the shocking truth that he covered for his older brother.

Securing evidence, Deuk-chan finds Sol-hee and admits his one-sided love with Do-ha. He pleads with her not to tell Do-ha but he was in fact there and heard the conversation. Kang-min apprehended him but Deuk-chan escaped and drove his car aiming to end his life.

My Lovely Liar Episodes 13 and 14 Musings

Yoon Ji On did a great job portraying the complex emotions and motivations of Deuk-chan in My Lovely Liar.

Concealing his true intentions, viewers were made to believe that he was just protecting his younger brother. Thus, it was a good twist executed to wrap up the main conflict of the series.

It was also a good call to incorporate same-sex attraction in the story especially since obsessive love was considerably highlighted in the narrative.

The blast from the accident looks heading in the direction of Sol-hee also freeing herself with her strange ability.

Rightly paced, My Lovely Liar has covered all the bases before its finale week. It just needs to frost the story more with sweet moments from the main leads! And we’re definitely ready for them!

Take lessons about trusting someone and overcoming self-doubts with Sol-hee and Do-ha in My Lovely Liar!

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