My Lovely Liar Finale Reactions: Do-ha and Sol-hee’s “Green Flag Couple” Vibes and Ultimate Happy Ending Have Netizens Swimming in Emotions

My Lovely Liar finale reactions (소용없어 거짓말) are rolling out on X (formerly Twitter) after the K-drama’s final episode broadcast aired on September 19, 2023. Wrapping up the complex storyline that came before us in the initial chapters of the show, Do-ha and Sol-hee’s romance saga has finally found its happy ending! The mystery romantic drama series written by Seo Jeong-eu, and directed by Nam Sung-woo stars Kim So-hyun and Hwang Min-hyun in lead roles, and their characters of Mok Sol-hee and Kim Do-ha became instant favourites right after the first few episodes, and have now turned into the “greenest green flag couple” as some netizens are calling them.

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With a total of 16 episodes in the tank, the series has reached its finish line, and while its hard to bid farewell to the heartfelt story of the DoSol couple, the memories, character developments and the loving chemistry of the leading pair along the way have given birth to some of the healthiest and least toxic onscreen representations in recent times. Having started airing on July 31, the layered mystery track of the series eventually gave way to a stirring plot that kept the viewers hooked each week, and so, now, they’re finding it quite hard to walk away from the connections made during this time.

My Lovely Liar Finale: Min-hyun and So-hyun
Series comes full circle, mirroring DoSol couple’s meet-cute in the final episode.

Establishing itself as a unique addition to the list of mystery dramas, My Lovely Liar‘s plot initially mainly revolved around So-hyun’s Mok Sol-hee, a woman with super-abilities allowing her to hear other people’s lies, who deemed her powers to be a curse for herself. Whereas, Min-hyun’s, Kim Do-ha was to be a famous composer and also a murder suspect. And yet, as can be seen from the viewers’ undying appreciation of the series, the show has grown into so much more than what it first presented itself to be.

It also stars Yoon Ji-on as Deuk-chan, Lee Si-woo as Syaon and Seo Ji-hoon as Kang-min. Each of these characters have either been loved, or have left behind some lessons for the audience. The reactions to the final episode on the social media platform have a common streak regardless of who may have tweeted them.

Each loyal viewer of the show, who tuned in every week so far has been consumed by emotional blues as they’re not ready to let go of these characters. Some have even gone on to assert that “Mondays/Tuesdays are not going to be the same”, while others couldn’t have enough of the main couple and exclaimed, “Hwang Minhyun and Kim Sohyun are truly the best thing to ever exist”.

Kang-min’s character was also appreciated a lot, and a user tweeted, “my heart kinda aches for him yet he’s happy seeing Solhee happy even from afar”. However, the majority just clung to the fact they’re not getting over Min-hyun and So-hyun anytime soon, and just excessively tweeted about how they’ll be missing them a lot, “i’LL MISS YOU DOSOL COUPLE”. Check out more reactions to My Lovely Liar Episode 16 below.

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My Lovely Liar Finale Reactions

With My Lovely Liar Kdrama’s journey all wrapped up, the tvN 8:50 PM time slot on Monday-Tuesday will be taken by the upcoming new fantasy time travel drama series Twinkling Watermelon or Sparkling Watermelon starring Ryeoun, Choi Hyun-wook, Seol In-ah and Shin Eun-soo. It will start airing on the South Korean network on September 25, 2023. Find out more about the drama below.

What did you think of the My Lovely Liar final episode? Are you satisfied with the progression of the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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