My Man is Cupid Episode 14 Recap and Review: Baek-ryun Nears Her Death

My Man is Cupid Episode 14 Recap and ReviewMy Man is Cupid (내 남자는 큐피드) has finally come out this December 2023 with a stunning cast and a great plot. The series is directed by Nam Tae-jin, who is known for his hit dramas such as Jinx, Beautiful Gong Shim, overs of the Red Sky, Joseon Exorcist, etc, and he has worked along with scriptwriter Heo Seung-hee (renowned for One More Happy Ending) for this series. The main cast includes Jang Dang-yoon, Nana and Park Ki-woong.

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My Man is Cupid Plot

Cheon Sang-hyuk, a charming fairy renowned for his ability to enchant women and men, endured a tragic event 500 years ago when his wings were scorched. In a quest for wing restoration, he underwent 27 transformative experiences. However, his 28th attempt becomes entangled with the life of Oh Baek-ryun.

Baek-ryun, a striking woman working as a veterinarian in an animal clinic, grapples with a peculiar curse. Men smitten by her charm inevitably face near-death experiences, leading them to end their relationships abruptly. Despite her undeniable allure, Baek Ryun refrains from pursuing romantic entanglements, hoping to cross paths with a man destined to be her true love.

– My Man is Cupid Episode 14 Review Contains Spoilers –

My Man is Cupid Episode 14 Recap

After their brief romantic moment, the couple discuss Sang-hyuk’s metamorphosis, and Baek-ryun panics after learning that sometimes it might take even ten years. The same night, the cupids find that their golden arrow is acting weirdly and wonder what’s the reason as their metamorphosis is delayed. Just then, Jae-hee comes to their home after finding out from the superior that Sang-hyuk is a cupid.

My Man is Cupid Episode 14 Review Still 2
A still from the series “My Man is Cupid”

Sang-hyuk tells Jae-hee that he killed him and tried to kill the woman he loved 500 years ago. As Jae-hee is still not aware of his entire past life, he keeps wondering why he tried to kill and who that mysterious person that Sang-hyuk mentioned is (probably the deity of fate). Later in the episode, the detectives find the corpse of Ms. Song which startles them and makes the ongoing serial killing case even more horrific.

When they do a background study, they learn the connection between Myeong-sik and Ms. Song. When they interrogate him, he strongly denies killing her and panics. He mentally goes weak and stays away as he’s startled by her death. We then see a flashback and learn that the scratch mark on his neck was caused by Ms. Song during their argument and it was not done by Baek-ryun. Since we already know the real serial killer’s face, this scene makes more sense.

My Man is Cupid Episode 14 Review Still 1
A still from the series “My Man is Cupid”

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The following night, when Sang-hyuk waits for Baek-ryun in front of her clinic, he spots the serial killer and chases him. Baek-ryun comes out and finds Sang-hyuk’s empty car and panics as she believes he has vanished due to his metamorphosis. Sang-hyuk loses the killer and returns back to his car, only to meet the frightened Baek-ryun. He asks her to stay the night with him and the couple share a passionate night.

Meanwhile, Do-ra becomes extremely sad as she can’t stop thinking about Dong-gu. Sadly, all three cupids disappear and vanish as their metamorphosis starts while Sang-hyuk remains. Dong-gu vanishes right when he goes to the class to give her a bouquet and confess. When he vanishes, two of her students find the bouquet on the floor and give it to her. She then drinks alone in the bar worrying about him. When she meets a stranger and has a good evening, Dong-gu gets jealous (he is invisible to them). When she goes to the restroom he beats the stranger and he runs away.

My Man is Cupid Episode 14 Review Still 3
A still from the series “My Man is Cupid”

Then Dong-gu continuously protects Do-ra throughout the night and reveals his cupid identity to him. However, since she was drunk, she finds it hard to believe the previous night. The next day, Myeong-sik gets killed by the serial killer who comes inside the prison disguised as a worker. Meanwhile, Jae-hee finds the red notebook “Jealousy” in the cabin of Ms. Song and reads the sentence, “You will be killed, no matter what.”

Two other detectives rush to the prison to find the corpse of Myeong-sik while Sang-hyuk is shown entering a place where he believes he’ll find the killer. However, at the same time, the serial killer goes to Baek-ryun’s clinic and brings his severely injured dog (of course he caused it). When he gets a private moment with her during the surgery, he reveals his identity, picks up the scalpel, and gets near Baek-ryun.

My Man is Cupid Episode 14 Review

There are just so many things happening right now and not a single conclusion is given. The hype is high and I hope the fifteenth episode will give a solid end to all questions. Firstly, why is Jae-hee still unaware of his entire past because the series is going to end and there are only two more episodes left. Will those two do justice to his pivotal role? Secondly, who is this serial killer and how is he connected to the story? Why is he after Baek-ryun specifically? Because Myeong-sik is arrested he can easily escape now but why is he determined to kill Baek-ryun?

My Man is Cupid Episode 14 Review Still 4
A still from the series “My Man is Cupid”

Why did the serial killer kill Myeong-sik? Did they two know each other? Why didn’t Sang-hyuk enter his metamorphosis while the others did? Did the kiss stop the curse or will he vanish at a serious time? So many questions are left unanswered and hopefully, the last two episodes will not rush into everything but give a proper ending.

My Man is Cupid is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Let us know your thoughts on the series in the comment section.

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